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Spring Forward Musing

I was wondering how that was gonna work? When the curtain was lifted it was gonna be ugly anyway.

How exactly do people have extra income?

The Executive Boss Realness that I possessed yesterday damn near turned me on.

I need Oprah to come and beat on this wall I got cause I’m making no head way, as a matter of fact the mural I decided to decorate it with is coming along nicely.

Exactly what is the secret ingredient in Chick Fila’s SF Lemonade?! I don’t own it whatever it is.

It ended up being a touchdown, victory dance and injury on the field all in one fell swoop.

One day I’m going to say some real nasty shit on Facebook – get over it!

How has Trey Songz kept these damn songs going for so long?!

I”m gonna make my teenager watch Lady Sings the Blues – why? Just cause, lol

It is always a real funny feeling when I have to say “no she’s not pregnant”

It’s that time of the year when I think about…running away

This will probably be way more excited for me than the recipient. I never get the exact response I like but the one I give myself gives me fever!!

It’s funny when because I am not interested in your conversation you act like you’re not interested in mine.

I have to stop letting people suck all my energy out without offering any kinda re-up for the next go round.

I’m in the mood for pizza

Five flipping months till Muscadines – this year I’m going IN

Why am I about to start boxing about the air conditioner being on? I’m about to put my gloves on

I sure hope this gal gets in. I sure hope she does.

At what point am I just going to say….no

I wish they would pop off so I can get some things off my chest – they a punk though so they will continue to use four feet high to hide the fact they are two feet.high and standing in quick sand.

Funny once I got that off my chest, i don’t even think about it anymore. I know they got it – they did the respectable thing and just didn’t respond. Sometimes it ain’t about the response it’s about the sending.

Earlier I couldn’t lift my head, right now I can’t keep it focused.

Did that band kinda turn me on? That’s interesting.

A couple of people are in my thoughts, I know you in a place where the sun doesn’t shine, just remember if you open the blinds – it’s there. Reach for that string, it’s ok.

I keep seeing a bit of blonde in my future……

Wondering what the summer anthem is gonna be this year.

I wonder who’s sending FB messages back and forth about what they think they know about me, lol lol Yea I’m sending some.

American Idol is giving me life this season.

I am still wondering why I haven’t seen anyone I know on You Know You Dead Azz Wrong. Hell I’m wondering why I haven’t seen me, lol lol

Yea I’m going to get me one. When you have addictions on this level – you just want one.

Exactly why is this month so damn long!?

Did they say Ciroc Cake?!

I’m still chanting.

I (we just don’t get sick like that) need to re-up on some common meds. Good Grief. Medicine cabinet looking kinda bare.

I keep entering various things and not winning – CHARLIE SHEEN COME HELP ME!!


About Pamela

Lover of MJ, Mother of College Girl, Atlanta living participant of the bigger picture. Always ready for my closeup.

4 responses to “Spring Forward Musing

  1. NikkiFree ⋅

    That great lemonade at Chikfila is made with Splenda. I’ve been using Splenda for years as a sugar substitute. Too much sugar in my diet gives me migraines.

    I saw a story this morning about a sista who set up a kiosk inthe mall doing eyelash extensions. (Never mind I had never heard of such a thing.) She was saying that she’s discovered that while folks are seriously cutting back on pampering , women are still doing the little things like eyelashes and eyebrows. Here business is booming now. She’s not even at the mall anymore. She has a shop in dunwoody!

    You’re in the mood for pizza and craving muscadines. I have had the munchies all frikkin’ day! I feel bad about it. Still, I keep munching!! LOL!

    I’m gonna make my teen watch Cujo —- as soon as I can find it in a store. Apparently, it’s not digitally remastered or some crap like that so it’s hard to come by.
    Never heard of Ciroc Cake. I may have to google that. Meanwhile, why did I just “discover” the wonders of Smirnoff Mixed Drinks Premium Malt Beverage. The Publix didn’t have my fave Mike’s Lemonade flavor. Took a chance on the Smirnoff. It’s fab! I think I’ve now abandoned the Mike’s. LOL!

    • magnegro

      NikkiFree –

      Oh I know they use splenda but the method for mixing it is so different than when I try to make it at home, lol This time I’m going to get the teenager to squeeze the lemons – maybe that’s the trick since there are lots of them working there, lol

      Gurl you know you can get eyelash work done everywhere these days – last year you could get them done at the Sweet Auburn Festival, lol lol When I work out my contact situation I might get some done.

  2. Constance BeGood ⋅

    That Dead Azz Wrong comment still has me on the floor. There is just something brilliant between the words you write. Some days I fantasize about you being my muse in the hopes that the long slumbering poet in me awakens once again. And that I won’t be ashamed of my dusty degree in Screenwriting. Keep it coming, Pam.

  3. Sonya Coggins ⋅

    Too funny!!!! LMBO!!!! And the summer anthem is always Summertime by Will Smith! =)

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