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Cussing Me Out – Reflections Of…



When we walked into the spot and the ambience was hitting. The lighting, the curtains everything was quite chic and in about 5 minutes you started to…..close up. I don’t know why this happens to you. I remember FB’ing that ATL can be quite intimidating and it can be. Except in my mind I’m the shit as well, so exactly what goes on. I think you need to get out more in that circle. I know I know you are a cluster person, We like to do things with our friends. When we go to the swanky spots with just the hubby, 9 times out of 10 we have to entertain myself because he’s there on business. So sometimes we feel like a spare tire. We got settled and began to look around the room. All the sisters there were on the usual Video Chick bandwagon. A lot of folks say that ATL is a mini NY. Nope in my opinion, it really is leaning towards an LA vibe. I just don’t remember NY as being this ‘stuffake” (that’s stuffy and fake). And really I’m not hating – the sisters were georgous, but it tends to just be too much most times. The expendable income in ATL must be off tha chain because the time and money it takes to look like a Barbie Doll is enormous. I sat there mad because you let some female make us feel like our make up wasn’t tight, I needed eye lashes and our hair really needed the Lauren London look ASAP. When I left the house – I felt cute…..

The jazz band was absolutely outta this world. I was digging them!!! we ended up having to move from the outskirts where I was into the ‘band section’ There is where we ran into a nest of very disturbing images. The 10+ years older than me – trying to hold on. Wow! you felt you really wern’t fitting in over here. They were dressed to the Kohl’s nines, with trendy fauxhawks, sling backs, tight dresses, Macy’s Spanx and MAC Makeup. They were chitty chatty with each other and just kept stealing glances at me like I was stealing glances at them, lol The third time she bumped into me like she couldn’t see pass her ass that I was there, I tapped her so that she would know……

It really got me to thinking about how some forms of peer pressure don’t end and even if folks go to hollaring that they aren’t victim to it – yea at some point in some way, if you live here – it’s crossed your path. It also got me to thinking that to move around on this planet, you have to be comfortable outside of your comfort zone. Coming into that same place with our girls, we would have felt totally different. Something is wrong there – feel that way FOR YOURSELF PAMELA. BE THE SHIT WHERE EVER YOU ARE. Thinking it is 3/4 of the game honey!!

Don’t live fabulous inside your head or when it’s comfortable and familiar – LIVE IT!! Later on that evening, we go to a spot we enjoy to hang with people we enjoy and feel right at home. The difference in hindsight was disturbing. Now you have been known to get shy on a negro, lol lol Sometimes at this spot – you’re laid back, but I think because you felt so off kilter at the previous spot, you came into this situation ready to be on extra. you felt alive, you felt cute, you felt well received and you felt real. Well those are qualities and things that you should have irregardless of the setting. Don’t let anyone place you off your own pedestal. matter of fact we should start carrying that bitch around to set up shop where ever we are!!

Don’t make me slap a hot, lol lol lol we have come to far on this journey start setting up for the new reality show on A&E: Hermits. Get out there and strut! Queue up our theme music “Cover Girl” put the bass in your walk and make sure it’s the version with Lady Cameroon!! HONEY WALK!!! WALK!!! There’s a big old world out here and we belong in it as much as everyone else and don’t even need a reason.

NOW press PLAY and WALK!!!


About Pamela

Lover of MJ, Mother of College Girl, Atlanta living participant of the bigger picture. Always ready for my closeup.

6 responses to “Cussing Me Out – Reflections Of…

  1. Sandstone

    Interesting that these are some of the same conversations that I have been having with those ‘twins’ inside of my own head, especially since I did the big chop. These thoughts happen to a lot of us, although most would care not to admit it. We just have to continue to WALK in our FABULOUSNESS.

    • Alesia ⋅

      Ladies, even when I’m fat like right about now, I’m still the shit and it aint a woman alive or dead that would make me feel like I’m not because we all have the same thing that makes us all women (2 are on our chest cavity and the other 2 are in and below the abdominal region – keeping it clean (LOL).

      How I accomplish this is being comfortable with me ALL the time – with makeup on and with it off. Hair sticking up on top of my head or perfectly coiffed. Baggie jeans or sexy dress, I’m beautiful to me and if I don’t believe it, no one else will.

      The ‘big chop’ looks good on you to me and Pam, your smile is one to die for! (smile)

  2. Alesia ⋅

    I like this!

  3. magnegro

    Sandstone: I find this interesting because (and the hubby can vouch for this) YESTERDAY I was telling him how great I thought you looked with the BC. I wasn’t aware you had done it so I was surprised but it suits your face, it suits your tude and I am digging this for real on you.

  4. Sandstone

    Thanks Ladies. I think that I’m catching everyone by surprise because I didnt tell anyone that I was doing it (big chop). So when they see me, it’s like “Wowwww! You look just like yo Moma!”…..Yeah, so I guess now I’m the 3rd part of that twin equation (my mom is a twin)…

  5. Sonya Coggins ⋅

    Great read as always!

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