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Pleasurable Pleasures

That first bowl of Frosted Flakes out of a new box

When your hand accidently brushes against your beloved when you are walking

When you hear mommy after walking in the door from a trip

The opening notes of “Billie Jean”

When the ticker tape lights go out at a concert

That first deep breath you take after doing the do

As the water hits you when you step into the pool on a scorching day

The misters as Disney World

The realization that he or she is looking at you lustfully

The heat as your beloved closes the space between you when they get into bed

When the USPS/FED EX or UPS man hands you a package you’ve been waiting for

Main Street USA at Disney World

The first Muscadine of the season in the car dirty from the vendor

Festival smells

A fan on your damp skin fresh out the shower in late July

The excitement that your friends are right on the other side of that door, street, table etc.

The treadmill powering down and off

The smell of Chick Fila

The equipment checking itself through the night as she is all snuggled up against you

The clink of cocktail glasses among friends

The key in the lock after a lonnng day

Push Notification from Facebook alerting you to a comment

Your hair after a deep conditioner

The peace in your home.

Noticing your reflection, wondering who that fine specimen is and realizing it’s YOU!


About Pamela

Lover of MJ, Mother of College Girl, Atlanta living participant of the bigger picture. Always ready for my closeup.

2 responses to “Pleasurable Pleasures

  1. NikkiFree ⋅

    I like.

  2. Monica C.

    Love this!

    Some of mine would be:

    Those first few minutes of seratonin-boosting bliss when you start chewing a big ‘ole piece of bubble gum.

    Hitting that blue button at the top of the remote, which means that I’m about to watch some TiVo.

    Setting foot in a department store knowing that I’m getting ready to so some real shopping.

    Hearing the bubbles fizz on my nightly soda.

    Kissing my daughters right on the bridge of their noses.

    –used to be — Popping the top off that first Corona!

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