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Drag Thursday

Well looky here it’s Thursday again and quite surprisingly I have another edition of Drag Thursdays for ya’ll. Three in a row! I know, I’m shocked as well, lol Before we begin on this weeks beauty finds and revelations as they relate to ME, I’d like to have a small rant:

I WANT RAVEN TO PUT HER WEAVE BACK IN!! I keep feeling like she took it out to appease somebody as opposed to rocking her hair the way she wants to. Raven is one of my wig/weave style icons (along with Regine from Living Single and RuPaul) and her weave/wig game is always on LEVEL FABULOUS!! It just seems so obvious that she was sitting in the hair dresser chair and they got to talking and she was like you know what? Leave the weave out let me rock my hair so the ‘sisterhood’ will be happy I’m down. GIRL BE DOWN FOR WHAT YOU WANT TO BE DOWN FOR!! Keep your head healthy, keep your edges nourished and in the building and that is about all you need to be doing!!! Give me back my Raven!!

Ok exhale/woosahhhh – I have had a transition week in terms of beauty. Unlike some people, my disposable income is in one lump sum. I don’t have a beauty budget. I can’t do all the things I want to do at one time. Lately I’ve been feeling the urge to scrapbook, but my budget has been going to so much beauty and hair lately that I haven’t had the resources to re-up on some things I need to tackle the next project in that arena I want to work on. This caused me to take stock of what I had, and what, at this point, I felt like I needed vs what I wanted. I checked off all the basics:

  • Foundation
  • Primer
  • Loose Powder
  • Mascara
  • Eyeliner
  • Primary Eye Shadow
  • Concealer
  • Basic Brush Set
  • Face Cleaning and Moisturizing Products
  • Lipstick and Gloss Regulars
  • Daytime and Night Time looks
  • Drag Accompaniments
  • Glitter

I had everything that a non professional entertainer would need to say they wore makeup every day, lol lol I also had several containers of EXTRA FAB. Throw in the two orders from Avon that would flush this out even more this month and I should be set. Time to get specific with my needs and wrap this up people. I looked at all I had and really thought about what would give me joy at this point makeup wise. Some of this is a need, but most is a want and because of that – I can put it in the category of 1 thing at a time. Here’s what I came up with:

  • MAC Foundation – I have a stick and a liquid and I want a cream to powder. I say MAC because you just need a couple of MAC products in your makeup box if you call yourself wearing makeup.
  • Eyelashes – by the end of April, I want to be revealing my eyes from behind my glasses. I need to start practicing the daytime and nighttime lash look.
  • Lip Pencil – I just need a good natural one
  • Red Lipstick – It’s fashionable now and I would like to rock a red lip sometimes.
  • Sponges – small/medium/large – it is said you lose 1/3 of your total foundation contents if you use sponges, I tend to agree, but for smoothing etc. they work great.
  • Makeup Mirror – I am blind even in the daylight – enough said, lol
  • More Lip Options – I’m not really a lip stick gal, I prefer glosses and glasses ad my 12 year old MAC lipstick is holding strong, but I would like to add a few more to the box
  • A Good Naked Palette – I’m a brown kinda girl and I just need 15 different shades of brown to make my life complete!
  • A 5 glitter shade palette – seen this, love this, want to be bold enough to rock this
  • So far that’s it off the top of my head.

Ok, so in another BLOG EXCLUSIVE, I reveal to you the second wig I made. I made this wig with Jericurl hair (can’t remember the maker) on a Wig Head. It didn’t take any length of time, maybe 30 minutes but I had to beat this bad boy into submission for real and the end product was a fluke but a good one. Here are my musing about this wig:

The pack said 1B – THIS IS NOT 1B!! This is black so I have to get used to such a dark color on my head.  Making a wig on a head can be tricky, because the wig head is not true to size. When I put this on it was too small to come down over my whole head. So I basically have to put on another stocking cap to attached this wig on stocking cap to.  I ended up cutting a lot of the hair off to get rid of the rick james look. 

Taking my brush (which I had to laugh took me a good 15 minutes to find since I don’t use it anymore) and brushing vigorously allowed me to discover a WONDERFUL nap pattern that brought this wig into the fly department (if only it wasn’t so damn dark).

This last revelation is important because the day after making this wig (which with everything: 2 pks hair, 1 large glue, wig head) cost $25, I was at the beauty supply store and saw this same wig, premade in a color I want it to be in for…..wait for it…….$14.99!!! All I would need to do is apply the brush out technique. For that price it’s ok to totally redo the wig. Which leads me to: I probably won’t be making anymore wigs. It’s not cost effective (in my eye) and glue is so damn messy and the whole quick weave concept is cool, but I really just feel like I can spend the money on a wig already constructed. The price range has went so varied – there’s something for everyone at every price. If I were like 25 this would be some cool – Ok Saturday I’m going to hang out at home and make wigs with my girls, lol but at this point I need to get up and go,  Next Thursday you will see the results of the store bought wig manipulation!!

Now on to the stuff growing out of my head!! I also have been trying to decide exactly what I want to do with my hair. Grow it back out, or cut and keep it short. It’s been having a great growth spurt with really cute curl definition with minimal work, so I think I will continue on just leaving it alone. What I have discovered though is PRODUCT that is giving me MAD FEVER!! Jane Carter is giving it to me. Everything I’ve sampled at this point is really just agreeing with me and my hair. I have wanted to claim and embrace a product line with all of my current hodge podge as back up and I think I am ready to announce that Jane Carter is it! Here is what I currently have and stare dreamily at on the daily, lol I will begin adding full size product to my arsenal shortly. I think the best way to go is to order her Travel pack, it has an entire regime included in sample size. This way I can have some of everything and grow up to full size that which I truly find I am using on the regular.





I also am claiming once a month this right here. It made my hair feel fabulous and it’s good to know that my hair accepts protein.

This post is getting hella long (wow on how much I have to say about this stuff), so I am going to need to keep some stuff for next week – like my first Natural Hair Meeting! However, I was told my ends are dry – I’m giving a DUH because I have color at this point on my ends – BUT I am going to do a heated hot oil treatment this weekend and try to do one once a week to get my hair hydrated. I then want to do some coils with Jane Carter and see what is up! Next week I will also do a growth check. Not length but growth 🙂


Here is my super duper fly EARRING STAND I copped from Ebay. It holds ALL of my earrings, except my posts etc. I am really going to get another one seeing as I will be coming across more earrings I want to own and this one is officially full. It is fantastic to twirl this bad boy and look at my collection as I map out my wardrobe!!

Well there you have it! I hope someone is reading this, because I surely have a lot to say on the subject, lol lol


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2 responses to “Drag Thursday

  1. Alesia ⋅

    Great subject. I would like to add to it, when you are accepting other bloggers (I don’t blog but I do makeup). Love the wig! Where did you find the wig you referenced for $14?

  2. Monica C.

    I am so conservative/dull, I would never have the guts to wear a wig! Maybe on vacation sometime … I need to try it! Well, I may not wear them, but I sure watch You Tube videos about them – I’m sure you’ve watched Ateyaa work her magic on some wigs. That’s the other thing – I’m just not skilled at ALL in the home beauty department. Any wig would end up looking like Cousin Cletis on me, I just know it!

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