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Drag Thursday

What’s up beauties!! Today is Thursday and let’s talk Beauty and all it’s fun!! I really am enjoying doing this, not because I know a whole lot but just the opposite, you talking novice right here,a real woman with real little money just figuring it all out. I think this is interesting to someone and I plan to continue until I get bored and go on to something else, lol lol


So let’s start with my coif!! I actually am quite glad that I Big Chopped. It is really allowing me to see what’s going on and it also has given me a heads up on what I look like with ultra short hair so that I am not shocked during the shrinkage moments, lol

Since we last talked, I have basically been doing a personal experiment, I’m calling it’s just a bad hair week. I really started looking at self image and the reasons why when we look in the mirror with our own hair sometimes we gasp in shock and run towards the relaxer. I really want to be in a place where the relaxer is a CHOICE and not a response to some feeling of inadequacy. So I have been just letting it ride. I am only putting a bit of Shea Butter Oil in it. I am not twisting, coiling, or using product. Some nights I don’t even put a scarf on. Let’s just see about getting up and figuring out what to do with your hair when you can’t pull it back in a pony tail. I welcomed the humidity, because that’s one of my ‘points’ and I made it through. That’s why I am glad I BC’ed – I have seen me with the shortness so it doesn’t shock me, as I mentioned above. This morning I just sprayed it with water, put some oil in it and plopped on a head band and kept it moving.

This weekend I am attending my first natural hair gathering. This should be interesting and I certainly will report back on next Thursday. I also hope to be making another wig to showcase by the next blog entry as well. Let’s see how that one goes!!

I am an earthy girl. I have known this for awhile. I like the brown, orange, sage color scheme. I own a lot of it in my wardrobe etc. Therefore it’s kinda only natural that I enjoy these palettes when it comes to my make up. Lately I have been wearing out these two eye shadows from IMAN.  I scored them on Ebay as part of a set of her older line. The pigment in these are great! I wish I could get me a few more, but Iman be on one baby!! You talking $9.99-$13.99 for that little thing!! I do like her eye shadows though. I have my eye on another ‘lot’ of IMAN on Ebay, let’s see can I get at that. There are four colors of eye shadow in that one.

In reading some of the beauty blogs, I came across this Urban Decay ‘Nude” Palette that set my soul on FIRE!!!!!!! This bad boy is rare and expensive, but I have some calls in to some folks I know and might just be able to cop it. In the event that I can’t. I have the 88 palette WARM in my Ebay queue – it’s way more reasonable and 88 earthy type tones is a freaking blast!!!

 Urban Decay Nude Palette

88 Palette WARM


The last thing I’ve been dealing with is earring organization. My earring game has stepped up tremendously. Even before I moved into a natural state of hair, I had been rocking curls and big curls deserve great earrings. One of the highlights of my morning is going through and picking out what earrings I will rock for the day.  I tell you Ebay is the best of the best. I started to think that I needed to have a display case like they have at the stores so that I can just spin something and pick out what I want to wear. Well I went over there and looky here!! This bad boy will hold over 70 earrings!!!! It’s on it’s way to momma and now I can just use my little jewelry box for my smaller and post based earrings.


As the spring approaches, I want to begin to look into bracelets. I find that necklaces are ok, but if I’m not coordinated in my earrings with them – I don’t like it. I also don’t like things chunking up the little neck I have, lol lol I have a very thin Gold Chain that I enjoy wearing or I’ll go for something super long.

I don’t have any update on clothes because they are not really interesting to me at this time. I did bookmark some things in the Chadwick Catalogue. I will begin to get 1 item at a time probably in April. I also at that time will peruse Ashley Stewart because they have some really nice clothes. In my mind I really want to doll it up this spring/summer, but not quite sure how that’s gonna work out. I also need to totally revamp my shoe collection!!


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