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I was listening to R Kelly’s song “Love Letter” last evening (because that’s a STELLAR CD) and remembered that I had spoken about this before, the eradication of the hand written letter, Now I do write letters. I write my dear friend Willie at least once every other month and mail it to him snail mail, but I type it and it is loud and boisterous with full color pictures sprinkled through out – so I do write but I don’t sit down and focus and use long hand anymore.

So I decided to Challenge myself during the month of March. Every week I am going to send off, via SNAIL MAIL, a hand written letter to someone. It must be at least 2 pages long on stationery (so no note cards )and it also must be in CURSIVE (wow remember that?)

As an added challenge, I am going to put a picture with the letter. We send so many things digitally, folks rarely just get an actual picture to hold and maybe frame for their mantle or put on the fridge. As a BONUS CHALLENGE: One of the letters will be to someone with whom I have some kinda ‘issue’. (that list is long, lol)

So that’s

  • 5 letters
  • In cursive,
  • at least 2 pages long
  • on stationery


  • Include a Picture
  • Write someone who probably would least expect to hear from you (someone estranged, someone you got beef with, someone who has become distant)

The letter can be to someone you communicate with on the regular, just not through this method. Let your significant other know in writing how much they mean to you, write your best friend about the importance of your relationship, write a parent reminding them of some good times or how appreciative you are, write a celebrity. There are all kinds of folks to write and that would love to be written to in your life, I promise.



I hope that maybe someone will take the challenge and I’ll get some mail that doesn’t involve, junk, bills or the IOWA STUDENT LOAN people!!!!!



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One response to “I GOT MAIL! I GOT MAIL!

  1. Alesia ⋅

    Pam,I’m going to join your challenge and one of my letters will be to Michael Mack! LOL

    I already know who I will be writing to. I’ll keep you posted.

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