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An early release of brain pollen

I am going to need for sleep to come peacefully for me, really

I like Chris Brown’s new hair – it becomes him and is not Sisco Blonde

I was about to slip into a ‘what exactly am I here on this planet for?” moment, but pushed past it. I don’t feel like it. I just don’t feel like it renting any space in my head. I got enough going on.

I think I’m going to focus a on getting over it a bit in the next month. I am thinking about that concept because I have gotten annoyed with it in other people and thus realize that I have that in my MJ designer ‘bag’ as well. I understand how hard it is to get over something that you feel has impacted you, but it does become annoying when it shows up in everything else that you do that is in reference to your issue. When you project it onto others it doesn’t make it true it just makes you look a certain kinda way. Like say you were cheated on and then from that point on, can’t nobody (yes double negatives) have a conversation about a relationship and or man without you interjecting the negativity that you felt about the subject. let me tell you a little tidbit – I have been cheated on in EVERY major relationship I have ever had except the one I’m in now. Sometimes it was awful sometimes it wasn’t. Sometimes I stayed, sometimes I left – but I don’t carry that forward with me!! I have not condemned all men. I have not decided that when a man does cheat it will be handled or the outcome will be the same as it might have been for me. In women this is an ugly trait and I wish we would get it together. Ok, WE KNOW you were hurt, misaligned, had a rough time but must it taint everything that you do?

There is a such thing as having standards but that mess you be complaining about is not under that classification.

Change can happen in the blink of an eye, let’s see what happens if I blink rapidly a dozen times.

Actually, I’m not really pressed about how you are living your life. These are your decisions, but just know the outcomes will be yours as well.

Once I have put on my Oracle hat and spoken, there will be a point where I stop and just listen and then move into not really interested. There is nothing worst than being asked to engage, being depleted of your mental/life resources and then having an ashy ass presented for you to kiss because they gonna do it their way. Then why the hell ask me?!

We are living so close to the edge – the fall probably won’t even hurt that bad, we halfway in the valley as it is.

The fucked up part about life is that there are so many things we can’t get a do over for and the stuff we can get a do over for we fight so passionately against OR keep doing it the same way.

If I could figure out a few things all by myself it would be ideal, as long as I have to interact and listen to someone else’s vantage point – I prefer to just not deal with it.

I want to live on an island but surprisingly whenever it starts to move to far from civilization, I will paddle back closer – I just won’t drop an anchor cause that would take to much time to unhook and get away.

I’m so excited yet so scared about the next part of my life.

I am still in a quandry about the purpose of my secondary education, I should have went to bartending school or something fun instead.

What is with the dreams about such fineness as Morris Chestnut and Tyrese lately. Not sure what that is about. Need to ask my resident dream reader, lol

There is someone who posts more pictures on Facebook than me – I feel good!!

You are the Original Man – the Maker, the Owner, Cream of the Planet Earth. God of the Universe. Sometimes the gift you give can’t be measured in dollars, cents, diplomas or 401K plans.

One day I will articulate what my Relationship with God looks like, how I want it to look and why it works for me.

I went through a weird period recently where I started….BITING MY NAILS! What the hell?! I can’t put my finger on what brought that about, but I surely know it’s over. Nails coming back in quite lovely.

I really need to figure out why I keep growing a freaking beard, esp since the whole thyroid thing has been ruled out!!! It is totally messin up my drag face, but then again maybe not, lol lol lol

Diana Ross has set me ON FIRE!! I need to launch Pandora RIGHT NOW!!!


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