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Drag Thursdays

(Something new! I want to make Thursday all about this whole beauty and fashion thing I’m in the midst of. I find it interesting to me so I will let you in on it as I figure it all out. )



Currently I am in an interesting place when it comes to my hair. I am on neutral. I BC’ed as we know and now I’m just letting it be. I really took a look at the way women maintain their hair and the way men maintain theirs. Everytime you see a man with gorgeous hair he is not making 100 you tube videos or being a product junkie, lol lol I have found stuff that works and I’m sticking to it. I also broke down and am doing the satin scarf thing. I found a great secure bonnet as well. Right now, my product list:

  • Cream of Nature Shampoo and Conditioner
  • Queen Helene as a regular deep conditioner
  • Olive Oil or Shea Butter mix as a Monthly Deep Conditioner
  • Jane Carter’s Conditioner as a co-wash and pre-poo
  • Shea Butter Oil – Every night before bed and every morning
  • Grape Seed Oil – Every night around edges before bed and every morning
  • S Curl Styling Gel – once a week
  • Shea Butter Oil Sheen
  • Water

I have picked up a new product that I am loving right now. This smell’s sooo good!! It lasts as well. I’ve swapped out the Shea Butter Oil Sheen for this right now.

My current styles are two strand twists, bantu knots or coil outs. I am still in TWA mode – but can work these styles. Using the S Curl Gel helps maintain these for a week. Because of the oils I put in daily and my texture – it basically just wears away, lol lol At which time I reapply. I’m trying to wash my hair once a month on the 15th. If I feel like it needs it – I will just co-wash. I have to say Grape Seed Oil was not working on my hair as a whole BUT it is doing miracles for my edges. I am VERY protective of these bad boys.


In the land of Hair as accessories, let me begin by saying that Atlanta probably has the most weaves per person, lol lol Even more than LA, lol. I have now discovered that Clayton Cty has the best Beauty Supply Stores. OMG OMG OMG. Bump that Gas is damn near $4.00!! I must now travel to have the selection and feeling that I get out there. I mean as soon as you get off 75S It looks like freaking International Blvd in Orlando!! They have this place called Beauty Masters that used to be like a SAM’s or something. I need to get back in there to just touch some more hair.

Because of this, and the fact that my crew has begun to indulge as well, I have made my first wig. This is a BLOG EXCLUSIVE because I actually didn’t put this on my Facebook page. I had some hair, that I am still trying to figure out exactly what I had this hair for and after studying up on you tube, I plopped a shower cap and wig cap on. Found some glue and went to work. This took about an hour and is 100% human hair (I STILL DON’T KNOW WHAT WAS ON MY MIND WHEN I BOUGHT THIS) Here is my takeaway:

  • Not entirely sure what the purpose is of making my wigs when they make wigs already done
  • Glue spoils, I pulled out some 2+ year old glue and I need to febreeze the freaking wig, lol
  • I could work better on a wig head
  • Closures are alot easier than you think
  • The Black woman is sooo industrious damn!
  • Most home made wigs need to have some hair in the front because the art of covering the front track so hair is off your face hasn’t been mastered as of yet – so that limits styles.
  • It is something I will be exploring further

I think that because of the wide range of colors and hair types/textures available in weave hair far outnumbers the choices in wigs, it could be cost effective to make your own wigs. For serious wig wearing, i still prefer to purchase ready made, but for fun wigs (like this one) and some natural stuff – I can make it. I intend next weekend to make me a fro wig, I will report back on next Thursdays Drag Day.


Ahh the wonderful world of make up. I have made HUGE progress in getting my face lifted and currently, if I say so myself, MY FACE HAS BEEN BEAT TO THE GODS!! As you know, I made the plunge into the world with IMAN, but I quickly recognized that you should have several lines that do several things with some stuff that is just your base. I saw a review on Avon (totally forgetting them) and some advances they had made with their foundations so I took the plunge. MAMASAYMAMASAHMAMACUESAH!! The Perfect Wear Liquid Foundation (my color is Honey) is tha bomb!! (in my Martin Voice). I have fallen in love with this! It’s a perfect match for real and it’s a good solid medium coverage. I don’t have to powder or touch up during the day. It says 12 hours and dammit it is giving me that. I paired it up with another Avon product and my face is giving me fever, lol lol I also invested in some MAC Concealer and after studying how to ‘build your face’ I currently am doing the following:

Wash/Skin Maintenance

After washing I apply AMBI fade cream to my cheeks, jaw, chin area (trying to fade some small discolorations)

Followed by Oil of Olay moisturizer especially in the T-zone which tends to run dry for me

At least once a week, I run my hands over my face after I put Shea Butter Oil in my hair – giving my face a deep moisturizer, lol

Building My Face

  • Spritz with Lemon Water – I have large pores, this helps close em up
  • IMAN Time Control Primer
  • Avon magix Face Perfector (this is a great liquid to powder face perfector – makes a smooth colorless palette to apply your make up)
  • MAC concealor to my discolorations and a bit under the eye
  • Smash box lid primer on eye lids – just a bit
  • Avon Perfect Wear Liquid Foundation – I have finally mastered how much for a day time look
  • What Ever eye look I’m going for that day
  • A concealer touch up
  • Spritz of Lemon Water
  • A good buff with a nice soft powder brush
  • Lip stick/glass and or gloss

I know this sounds crazy long to do, but in actuality it takes me about 15 minutes and I’m working on getting it down to 10.

Next Up On My List: lashes, blending, cutting the crease and wearing eye liner more effectively oh and getting my contact situation straight so I can reveal my face!!


There really is nothing to report. I’m tired of winter and it’s clothing options. I won’t be buying anything else till Spring if I can help it. I have made a vow to buy DRESSES FIRST! I want to wear cute dresses this spring/summer. I have been 85% maintaining a solid work week wardrobe. This is good for me 🙂

Is anyone else discovering their Drag!!




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