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Thoughts in the Cotton Fields

  • Yea I know I said there would be a Sex and the City series – so sue me, lol
  • My face was beat to the Gods today if I say so myself
  • I have been daydreaming about how Reggie and I should have met, fell in love and ran amok in NYC – Yet I did NY with who I was supposed to.
  • Over the weekend I had a ‘moment with four different sisters.  Sometimes it’s great to reconnect and practice the concept of friendship. It is not something that necessarily comes naturally – stepping outside of where you are most comfortable works those ‘muscles’
  • I am convinced that there must be more black people per square mile in Clayton County!!  The number, scope, size and merchandise in the Beauty Supply Stores out there make me embarrassed to even live in Dekalb Cty.  I now will drive all the way out there for my shit!
  • Samantha from Sex and the City:  Cocoa Butter Bitches!! ROTFL
  • My reality is that I won’t ever give up my fascination with black men. I love them, I love looking at them, I love crushing on them.  I love the one I’m with and I love the fact that there are others to admire as well, lol lol  My husband is fully aware of this and married me anyway, lol lol
  • Why have I been pondering taking a boudoir picture to celebrate my 45th?
  • I had my monthly family dream, you know the one where there is this hint of happiness and then it goes all downhill, lol lol
  • I still wonder WHY I have to forget and forgive.  It’s highly overrated.
  • Sometimes I wonder where I came from, but then I get angry and annoyed that the tree is so fucking twisted, hell it might not even be the tree, lol lol
  • What you see between this man and me is just the sizzle reel.  If only you knew, lol lol
  • I need my own apartment, lol lol
  • Parenting is a 24 hour a day job – yea it can be, right now though I’m down to like 17 hours, lol
  • Maureen Smith TOTALLY makes my lions roar!!!  That sista can write!
  • Ever be doing a lot, but not doing shit?
  • Starting to wonder how folks have so much to say about Natural Hair, lol It’s gotten boring to me.  All the convo,  It just ‘is’ the hair it is.
  • I probably am a member of the 5th column.
  • Dr. Browns Cream Soda (Diet) has given me oh so much life!
  • The fact we haven’t divorced due to having one TV means THIS IS LOVE!!
  • I believe in Plastic Surgery
  • I’m frightened about the cost to send my child to college.
  • If we only access 20% of our brain – who is accessing more and how many of us are even utilizing the 20%
  • I am curious about mediation.
  • I should never have checked my work email.  I should have never checked it.



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One response to “Thoughts in the Cotton Fields

  1. Monica C.

    I have two words for anyone worried about the cost of college (and trust me, I’m worried too (I have 2 kids)!): student loans! I always want to urge people not to be afraid to take out loans. Over my 8 years of college + grad school, I amassed $100K worth of student loans. Trust me, I am NOT bragging – b/c I wish I had rich parents to pay that shit for me. But … those (relatively low-interest at the time) student loans saved me! They were a great investment and funded my three degrees which allow me to earn the income and have the lifestyle that I now enjoy and will impart to my children. If I had let money stop me, I would have been stopped before I ever got started. True, student loans don’t work if you only “kinda sorta” know what you want to do – b/c you might end up with a lot of debt and a “kinda sorta” job. But if you’re dedicated and have a career path in mind but just can’t afford the necessary education, apply for scholarships and financial aid, find the minority liaison on campus and make him/her your best friend (no prominent school wants to be on the news for kicking out an outstanding minority student because of MONEY) and whatever is left over, finance that sh**!

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