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Love Love Love

I LOVE – when my big baby plops her behind in my lap to cuddle only to immediately realize her slip up and jump off cause she’s a ‘teenager’ now, lol

I LOVE – the way my girl and I can talk for hours in tandem and excitement for several days about the same subject

I LOVE – when one of my sisters gets for herself what I wished for her to have that I’m in possession of. I want for my sisters what I want for myself.

I LOVE – when a ‘gripe’ from the past is corrected for the future

I LOVE – that my pants are flapping in the wind.

I LOVE – that I genuinely turn my husband on for reasons only he has established.

I LOVE – the feeling of finding something new pertaining to Michael Jackson

I LOVE – the inner security of whether or not the flowers and candy await me – the love has already and continues to be expressed

I LOVE – that the teenager dares to define herself with accessories from us all.

I LOVE – coming home to the incessant need of my family

I LOVE – that you have an opportunity to discover something about yourself EVERYDAY God gives you to breathe

I LOVE – when I push through and improve upon myself

I LOVE – that I have tangible things from my past to touch, feel, read and remember with

I LOVE – the dance me and my man do, though I’m about to be too old for all this pop-locking, lol

I LOVE – that the flow of maturity has changed and the best is yet to come

I LOVE – that God sees fit to keep me around in spite of….

I LOVE – that through it all I really was madly in love with MYSELF

I LOVE – that I know there is a man out there that regrets losing or disposing of me

I LOVE – technology (lol)

I LOVE – that there is a changing of the seasons in a lot of things.

I LOVE – that there are folks who miss me before I miss them

I LOVE – the fact my breast are still in the game – might be second string but they still in there!!


I LOVE – the skills that I have and how I currently use them

I LOVE – that throughout my journey, I learned how to love

I LOVE – that I belong to a ‘generation’

I LOVE – when I get non-bill mail

I LOVE – to see my daughter excited about life

I LOVE – that I can’t sleep well because He’s not there

I LOVE – being an adult

I LOVE – because it’s good for you!!


About Pamela

Lover of MJ, Mother of College Girl, Atlanta living participant of the bigger picture. Always ready for my closeup.

One response to “Love Love Love

  1. Morena

    I LOVE this, Pam! Thank you for reminding me of what love is about…

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