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A Crock Pot Full of Thoughts

  • I’m still trying to figure out how flooding me daily with wisdom from other people makes you wise? I’d rather her what YOU have learned in your life journey
  • Soo she had a pocketbook to match her shirt? I need to watch Boomerang this weekend in tribute.
  • I always giggle when I see someone in the throes of thinking they cute. I wonder if their legs are gonna hurt from walking so hard like mines do when I think I’m cute.
  • One of the joys of working is the confuse the toubob element – stay strong and keep em guessing!
  • I am on the tail end of some kinda re-emergence of teenagedom! I haven’t had a zit like this since then and I surely hope this NEVER comes back. I believe it is the new medicine I’m taking.
  • I can only laugh at the snide FB frequency remarks these days, cause I know it gives you life.
  • A 45 minute conversation about nothing but our fantasy selves can cure any end of the day doldrums you might have
  • Exactly why does your bag need a seat on the train during rush hour? I understand that the job of carrying your crap can be tedious, but HUMANS should come first.
  • Sad that the Handicap have to act so ignorant when boarding the train, so they can secure a seat.
  • I still give a 360 degree side eye when I see all men sitting on the train and all the women standing up.
  • Trying to Body Slam another Queen?! Really?! So not befitting a true Drag Queen!
  • If you are still obsessing about length and how ‘soft’ your hair is – is the only thing missing the word Relaxer? Maybe your hair is the texture it is and the length it’s going to be in it’s natural state. Banding, Stretching etc. etc. I thought it was about leaving it ‘alone’ for the most part and letting it be what it is? We still got a lot in our pocket, a lot.
  • Yes I still use the work nappy and sometimes not in a good way – I’m sorry, but then again it’s not the only N word I use on the regular SIGH
  • Sometimes I really wanna ask – ARE YOU EVER HAPPY?!
  • I’ve talked and dropped hints till I’m blue in the face, all I can do now is put away some reserves for the other shoe…when and if it drops.
  • My perfect job: an internet researcher. I feel quite confident that if it’s out there somewhere, I can find some type of information about it.
  • Am I the only one who has ever had a way to detailed dream about their child’s ‘first time’ and FREAK OUT!?
  • The observation that I am shaped EXACTLY like my mother at this point and time makes me want to have a strong drink.
  • If we were to win this thing – I fear for someone’s sanity, yet am looking forward to assisting in the losing of it.
  • Why do I keep forgetting Valentine’s Day?!
  • Why are their so many things in life that you just have to suck it up and trudge on into at some point and time?
  • I wish I knew and/or remembered 1/3 of the folks on my Facebook page, I wish I had never friended another 1/3 and I wish I had a world that only existed with the remaining 1/3.
  • I’m still trying to wrap my mind around the level of fandom – Really? I’ve known you for over 40 years and I never saw this? Really?
  • I’m operating currently on your mind being a house with lots of rooms. Some rooms need to be locked forever, some rooms need to be left like they were when the room held life, some rooms are so busy that you can’t find any room to relax. We won’t even get into the basement and attic, lol Sometimes overall your ‘house’ can just be noisy all over. I’m beginning to spend some time in some of these rooms, cleaning, readjusting and redecorating. My parlor is looking so much better now that I put some things in storage. Lawd Have Mercy!!
  • .I’m wondering how many people are really having a good time in their relationship? I never really considered that as something to strive for till now. Look for an expansion of thought on this soon, maybe today.
  • I’m feeling a bit tapped out creatively – I will be glad when that is over, I’m missing that portion of myself.
  • I miss Michael Jackson…that is all.

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Lover of MJ, Mother of College Girl, Atlanta living participant of the bigger picture. Always ready for my closeup.

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