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The Sex and the City Series

I’m sitting here watching Sex in the City and God I love this show!  I particularly, of course, like the main character Carrie Bradshaw.  Even moreso her ‘column’ and the questions she poses.  Regardless of race (SN:  Let me say this, I don’t CARE that ‘we’ weren’t represented in this show. It wasn’t about NY it was about 4 women and in my own circle there are no white people – yet they exist in Atlanta)  Ok back to what I was saying – So as I was watching, it really dawned on me that I need to answer some of these questions.  Whenever you watch the Show you always have the question on your mind anyway.

So for the rest of the month, I will include a Sex and the City Question, answered like Pam would answer it.  I am going to tape the show so that if I’m not watching I can save a show to get the question.

This should be fun!!  Let’s get started.


Post Script:  Ya’ll KNOW that I start the whole blogging thing and might veer off, I will try my best.



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Lover of MJ, Mother of College Girl, Atlanta living participant of the bigger picture. Always ready for my closeup.

2 responses to “The Sex and the City Series

  1. Sandstone ⋅

    I love the show as well. I have entire series and movies on DVD. You’re right the questions that Carries pose are always thought provoking and I’ve found myself answering them in my journal….lol
    Let me just say, those questions AND answers have saved me from making some huge mistakes in relationships.

    Let the questions begin

  2. Sandstone ⋅

    ob btw, that picture of the shoes is so Carrie. Love the pic

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