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Oh Snap! I Big Chopped!

Sooo One of my favorite hair styles was Cleo’s girlfriend on Set It Off.  That short textured look with the blonde on her skin was just fantastic.  I’ve seen others with a TWA (Teeny Weeny Afro) that were rocking the hell out of it!!  I mean just banging.  I’ve seen coils done that were inspired by God.  When I transitioned I never did a BC (Big Chop) I just grew it out and did a series of mini-chops.  I noticed but didn’t say anything that though my hair was growing and pretty darn healthy – I wasn’t seeing the length as much as I might have wanted.  I also couldn’t pin point WHEN I started this process so I had no meter to judge on.

I decided to rock this cute kiddie pony I found at the BSS (Beauty Supply Store) so I washed and CHI Ironed my hair out and plopped that bad boy on.  I found it to be alotta work and after a week my scalp was dry. I haven’t had to scratch my head in over 4 months.  So I (along with my Husband) wanted my curls back.

I pre-poo’ed with some Cream of Nature ( Get Over It – I’ve tried now about 4 different shampoo’s and conditioners and so far this works for my hair – extra chemicals be damned) and a bit of Queen Helene on dry hair.  I put my gold (I call it my Soul Glo) conditioner cap on and let it do it’s magic. 30 minutes later – I took it off and welcomed my curls back!  However they were packed down.  I looked in the mirror and was like “I can rock my hair this short”  I’ve been curious to see the texture and to see if I can rock it with no ‘latent slavemaster issues’.  So, I packed it down further and showed it to the Hubby and Daughter with some earrings on, lol  Then I took my Beautician Shears and went to cutting – conditioner still in!  I went ahead and washed and conditioned again and then finished up the cut and let it air dry.  I was LIKING IT.  Well I couldn’t turn back even if I freaked out, lol  Part of my reasoning was that if I didn’t like it – it would be back by Summer anyhoo.  It was feeling good and had a cute little curl pattern.  I decided to keep it long enough to manipulate it – so I put tiny two strand twists all over my head with a bit of my Organic Shea butter Tea Tree Oil and let it ride.

The next morning – I took my scarf off , almost forgetting I had cut it down, lol A dollop of Shea Butter Oil in my hands and then I just ran it through my head to break up the twists.  OH YEA I’m feeling this level of freedom.  My husband spent a good 1-12 minutes running his hands through my head.

By the next day – I wanted to take it down a bit more. It had this length that was kinda funky (yes I can cut the back of my head – don’t ask me how, I never can figure that out).  So now here I am BAM!!  My face is more pronounced, my cheeks are HUGE (plight of the round faces) and the most important test I can ive myself is the eye glass acceptance test and it passed.  It looks good with my glasses!!

Now surprisingly – I feel like even more choices have opened up to me because now the wig game is on and popping for real.  I want to actually get me some kinky fro hair and make me a stocking cap wig in some cool not regular color. I’ve never made one but my crew has indulged and so it’s my time to take it to the next level.  Also braids/twists have come into the picture, because with shorter hair – you can cut out more of the braid thus cutting down on the whole ‘process’ of braiding.  My June it should be the perfect length.  I also can get those coils I saw – but the Africans put SO MUCH GEL when doing the process, I might have to find someone else to do them. Good Lawd for the gel!!  Also I need to get recolored because I cut out most of the color and it already was time.

Now I also have a ‘starting point’ to record.  Product wise – next up on my list is Carol’s Daughter. The Hair Milk Light feels so good.  I will get the small $8 one to try it out.  I’m not sure exactly what direction I want to go in with products and what they do.  If the milk curls me up – that can be my go to wash and go product.  Otherwise I like what I’m using now all the way around.

This is an interesting journey and though I don’t think I consciously set out to get on it – it does give me several layers of something to do.


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