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Midday Munchies

I wonder if this medicine is making me hungry! Thank God for Air Popped Popcorn!!

I have a BOO-TAY today – let’s all do the wave!!!

Why was I so upset to discover that all the cooks in our Cafe apparently are standing on a platform because I saw them on the floor and they are MY HEIGHT if not shorter…..

I have had so much shade thrown my way this week!! WOW it was coming from all directions – me discovering I have a severe vitamin D deficiency is appro considering NO SUN was coming my way!!

I have always associated Oil of Olay with older women – well lo and behold, I’m entering that area of description so I got the basic wash and moisturizer because I was having some dry patches. I’ve been using it 2 weeks and really wanna know where has this been all my life!!? I love it!!

Speaking of Face – I’ve gotten it down in time in the morning, which is a plus. I have successfully worn makeup during every trip out the house for almost a month now. I also actually look like I have make up on, lol lol I pretty much have all the things I would like to use, but you can never have too much eye shadow and my lip game is lacking!! I also want to get Iman in the liquid form (found it on Ebay) so I can have a couple types of foundation – on the weekend the liquid would probably be a bit lighter etc. If you are interested in some good make up blogs catering to Black Women check out and http://www.clumpsof . Also check the poor man’s college (You Tube) I have some great sistas who are working it out, even a few my same hue so I can really imagine it on me.

I’ve rocked my pony for a week now and will be reverting back to my curly self this evening. I so like the fact that I can straighten it out, but I would only do that if I’m trying to rock some type of piece, otherwise I likes my curly. I am interested to see how it curls back up after having some heat on it. I also found my darn hooded cap!! I was looking everywhere for that thing. Now I can do a heated deep conditioner. Product wise I am looking forward to trying Carol’s daughter next. She has a little 6 oz or so kit that I want to get. That hair milk lite feels and smells so good. I will report back as to what I thought of the products. Trying to decide if I want to touch up my color now or wait awhile. I got roots It has been since November.

By The Way – my head hasn’t itched in months – straighten it and now it’s itching!!!

In my internet travels I came across this site: WHOO WEEEE!! I see some stuff that is coming home to momma for real. I’m torn between these ‘textured’ pieces of hair..











I found out that I am within 10-11 pounds of my ‘personal’ I look GOOD weight. I look good now, but that 10 pounds might shrink the gut a bit more, so I’ll quietly work on getting that off by my Birthday, lol I need time, lol

The little bottle of Ciroc is calling my name!! Discovering that was a good and bad idea, lol

I need a bigger closet!!

I need some extra prayers for a friend of mine hoping she gets this job she going after!

I hate hemming pants but I have like 3 pairs I wanna wear. Maybe this weekend I’ll get the teenager to help me. I need to go to the ‘seen on tv’ store and get those clips they are advertising.

Time to put some more music on my phone!!!! I’m so mad that I lost all my music when I changed machines!!

How come my wish list cost so much damn money!

It’s gonna be 60 some odd degrees tomorrow – I AM SO READY!!

I need to be ready because my chance to say a few words then drop the mike is coming and I need to be quick, precise and DEADLY.

I’m the mean one, which is why I don’t come out and play that often – folks need to realize that for real, keep on.

I had to press delete on a few folks on the FB. I dont’ like my feed full of that nonsense and just because we have one thing in common does not make us compatible.

Um attention family that super TV you all want is NOT HAPPENING, so just accept it while I go on Craigs list and get me a old school TV for the Bedroom!!

I still want an Ipad but I need one with 3G cause the whole wi-fi hot spot is cute and all but I’d like to rock it on the train etc.

When will they come out with some cute Michael Jackson PJ’s. I want some.

We will win because I have claimed it – man that’s gonna so fab and fly when we do!!

Sometimes I just want to get a gun and spin in a circle shooting.

The fact that I want a playlist that is strictly ghetto dance songs, wakka flocka and soulja boy scares the bejezzus out of me, lol

I dont’ know how to ask a gay black male to direct me in the direction of like super gay club music, I don’t want it to be taken in the wrong way. So if a gay man is reading this – can I get some club music? 🙂

I have some cool projects on the horizon for my peeps. It’s a strong group and I want to show it off!

I wish the hubby and I could go away every weekend – we had such a nice time.

Ya’ll have a good weekend!!


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  1. NikkiFree ⋅

    I’ve always said we all have our “fighting weight”. Each of us knpws what size we most love ourselves at.

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