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240 Hours of Winter Coming To An End

Wow! I have spent 10 days totally off my ‘schedule’ and I don’t have any tan lines, fly pictures, souveniors or gate passes to show for it!!!  WTF?!  I can’t lie I’m so excited to see other folks tomorrow……So let me empty my frontal lobe now, lol

My husband and I both realized we hadn’t sat in a tub in over a decade if not longer.  Not even a whirlpool tub (note to self: Dream House skip the tubs)

Has anyone ever noticed when you are in a crowded place with white folks, especially white women – they get this distanced look on their faces and burst through as if you’re going to do something to them. At the Disney Store today this woman was scaring me to death when in reality I was scaring her lol lol

Yes I am always broke, lol  In relation to where I want to be and have to spend YES I AM BROKE – with outbursts of opportunity to enjoy some of the things I like.  Please stop keeping up with my money!

I took a look at myself in my ‘skinny’ jeans and such in a full length mirror and just had to say “Pam you are looking cute girl”

I’ve really got to stop identifying everyone I know with the word “Friend” Some folks are associates and some are associates within the confines of where you deal with them.  I know folks who I call friends that really don’t consider me for that title, even if they really like me and the same for me – I just end up putting them under the friend bracket.  I learned some things over this storm.  I reached out to a few folks to check on them, see if they are doing alright and what not and got no response through any medium of communication currently available to us.  As well as, quite frankly some folks I have known for years are just not out for my best interest.  There are folks who I see once every five years that I comfortably call friend and mean it, even BEST friend. There are folks who I see every day that I shouldn’t be calling friend……

Man groceries are about to be sky high after this storm!!

This time four years ago, I was packing up the favors, programs etc. to ship to Las Vegas for my wedding!!  My Anniversary is Thursday.

I’m starting to have anxiety attacks about my only child turning 18 – that’s another blog, lol

I’m annoyed that the few MJ fans I chose to befriend… are ‘special’ SIGH

I miss the caliber of the HBO Show Oz – Maybe this year I’ll discover The Wire so folks can stop giving me the side-eye, lol  I can’t watch EVERYTHING, lol

We had said we were moving ‘downtown’ after the child went away to school, but we live in a prime location for real. Maybe we can find a great Condo or bigger Apt. and stay in this area.

I have GOT to take this bird to the Vet to make sure he’s alright RIP Snow.


I’m getting kinda excited about the new Ipad!  I played with one today and maybe I’ll get one for my Birthday. I want that or some Coco Chanel perfume. I give GREAT Gifts (just ask) and I’m going to begin to ask for great gifts.  My husband finally saw that when I say I’d like the Ipad for portability and to preserve my vision – that good!!

I didn’t listen to the radio any of the 10 days I’ve been at home.

I didn’t read any of the books I have ( I did catch up on my magazines)

I didn’t Scrapbook ONCE (I did organize and pull together pictures, etc. for the Wedding Scrapbook. My excuse, I really want a dedicated space for Scrapbooking.

I am excited about making a wig run. I want a ‘fantasy wig’ and a weekend/party wig.

I need to win a shopping spree.

I need to go and figure out something to wear to work!




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One response to “240 Hours of Winter Coming To An End

  1. NikkiFree ⋅

    Be careful what you wish for on the ahopping spree. You have to pay taxes on the prizes as if it were income. Sheesh! Learned my lesson. I only enter sweepstakes with cash prizes now. After all, I can just give part of the prize back to pay the tax.

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