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Do You Really Know What I Do On The Net?

I always find it funny how folks battle within themselves about their usage of the internet.  Who are you fooling with your outburst and snide/snarky remarks about folks who spent time on there?  The subliminal conversation about those of us that spend time on the net not having a life, or not taking care of our families, or not making any progress in our lives because we spend time on the net. If it wasn’t for YOU being on as well, you actually wouldn’t know what folks do on the net, lol lol  It always makes me laugh.

I was thinking about the time I spend on the net and in reality, I’m not quite sure what folks think I’m doing but 90% of what I do is READ!  There is soo much information, stories, other folks lives that I can spend all day just reading and learning.  I currently keep up through Google Reader with 91 (yes NINETY ONE) different blogs, websites.  95% of them are all African American oriented. There is SO much information on us out there on the net.  What we are: thinking, feeling, working on, trying to get to.  I like keeping up with that.

I also like keeping up with my obsession which is the Black Entertainment World.  There was a time when you had to really just search to find out anything about Black Celebrity.  Now it’s as open as an Entertainment Tonite atmosphere.  You can find out about A list and Z list, lol

When I decided to work with my natural hair, that was a whole subject to explore, read about and compile information about.  I quickly found over a dozen good blogs/websites which have become the go to place for me. As well as keep me motivated and focused on how beautiful I am with what God gave me.

I spend a bit of time every week “Mikeing” which we all know is a passion of mines.  Exploring the sites dedicated to him spending time with that set of internet folks and searching for new pictures, stories, memorabilia is great fun for me.

I do daily maintenance on my email accounts.  This is important because I have a couple and there are dealings like banking stuff, school stuff etc. that I like to keep organized.

And then there is the bane of my existence – social media!  I LOVE Society Media, because I am a social person.  Social Media is as close to the Bar Scene as I really want to be.  It’s my neighborhood Lounge. You ‘come in’ sit where you want, greet all your friends ya’ll laugh, talk, hang out and you can stay in your corner all night if you want – drunk or sober, dancing or not.  The REAL issue is the invention of the Smart Phone!!  That sucka brought it to a whole new level for me.

Let me say this, there are all types of jobs that we work, some are physical, some are mentally intensive, some require your full attention. Well then there are some of us that work the type of job and have the type of personality where if we don’t interact on a lot of levels. I TRULY believe that I need social interaction to be productive.  I have always been that way.  The social atmosphere at my place of work has decreased to grave yard standards- Facebook has been a life saver for me, sorry if it aggravates you.  What I have been doing is Facebooking with purpose.  I am pacing my thoughts, cleaning up my thoughts and making my thoughts count.  Yes there are a lot of folks who’s thought process isn’t “Hmm I found a great sale on pink socks – let me tell 250 other people”  but there are a lot of folks who do.  I’m really trying to understand why you have hundreds of folks on your feed and then disappear or spend most of the time harping on how others are using your feed.  I control my feed and so I really can’t get mad if someone has a Video Soul moment or whatever.  Even though  there are ‘power bookers’ who I don’t prefer as there are those that don’t prefer me, I can’t even knock it cause they control their feed, as I like to say.

My most favorite time is when we all sit at the same bar drink way to much and have at it.  The group television watching is TO DIE FOR!!

The internet was custom made for me. I really believe that. I have made it my business to drive a Rolls Royce on this highway.  I pride myself on knowing how to drive these roads ( even if I can’t drive in my very own city, lol) Every time someone skips past google to ask me a question, I know this. Every time I blog and folks take away something, I know this. Every time someone benefits from my surfing I know this.

So I won’t be getting off anytime soon. I won’t be doing any fake taking a break etc.  I really just want folks to know:

Please stop fretting and worrying about how much time or how visual I am on the net.  I have a full, diverse, varied life and I thrive from it all. Anything I’ve said on here and everything you might google about me – I stand by. I don’t put my whole life (even with all of my outlets) on the net, I have real friends that I see in person.  I don’t facebook/twitter randomly. There is A lot more to the net I have yet to discover but intent on finding out and you always






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2 responses to “Do You Really Know What I Do On The Net?

  1. I truly LOVE LOVE LOVE group television watching. It’s so fun!

  2. Sonya Coggins ⋅

    Love the final paragraph and wi cha all the way! Now, let me get back to my Facebook page! See ya soon! **wink-wink**

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