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Mind Snow!

Wow!  We are on Day 2/Night 3 of the snow storm of 2011 in Atlanta.  I’ve been off of work since Friday evening.  My mind has run amok:

I just want Atlanta to stop thinking they are FLORIDA. We are in the South but we are not TOTALLY immune to the concept of bad winter weather.  ESPECIALLY with what we know (whether we want to admit it or not) about Global Warming, God’s Wrath and everything else.  There needs to be a committee immediately after this to study the North and how they handle these things.  My biggest advice for Atlanta is PRE-PLANNING.  If the weather man who now has a lot more than the Almanac to predict the weather, say a storm is coming – don’t wait!! Pre-salt all the major high ways when you can zoom through.  At MINIMUM do Downtown Atlanta. Good Grief!!

Electric goes a long way towards sanity during these times.

I really feel for folks who have children under 10, this kinda stuff is HARD for everyone involved.

Who in the hell decided MILK was the must have during a storm?!  Most Black folks are lactose intolerant to some degree, so what we take this time to drink up and be in the privacy of our own home when it makes a horrible reappearance.

FOOD is the Debil!!  I have been grazing since Sunday!!  Good Lawd!!  Surprisingly my sugars have been solid – minimally high but not all over the place which means though high, it’s not shooting up and down, maybe, because I’m eating every 3 hours.  A handful literally of chips, a Clementine, roast beef sandwich w/mustard on low carb, high fiber bread, 1 biscuit, eggs and roasted chicken, 1 serving (measured) of cereal and 2 percent milk, Sour cream dip and carrots.


Being snowed in has NOT made me want to clean like I thought.  Well actually nothing but company makes me clean like I thought, lol

I haven’t scrapbooked once.  I want to but I really want a dedicated space to lay out my stuff and work, I really just don’t feel like getting it all out right now.

I have been restless but not bored being in the house.

I should have posed in a bathing suit and my fur outside – I might before this is over.

I haven’t drank as much alcohol as I thought I would have either.

I have discovered Millionaire Matchmaker!!  This show is funny but you can learn something.

Facebook is also the DEBIL!!

Sadly I don’t think my ‘schedule’ has changed that much, lol

This mini-vacay has saved me a lot of money to be truthful

The Hubby and I love each other!  Once again we’ve proven that small spaces etc. does not affect our relationship negatively.  We just get along.  As a matter of face my entire house is quite peaceful.

Though we are doing our own thing, like clockwork we seem to all just mosey towards each other to spend some time together.

We watch way to much TV.

I got up and put on a full face of makeup and got dressed because the whole PJ’s thing since Sunday was wearing on me.

I just realized I haven’t sat in a tub to take a ‘bath’ in over a decade.  WOW!  In my dream house I don’t even need a tub.

Why are my feet sweating?!

I need to drink a bit more water.

I hope the hubby remembers to play some lottery

I’d like WSB to get some NEW footage of the storm please.

I am NOT confident in my driving ability in order to make it anywhere tomorrow.  I probably will be WFH.





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One response to “Mind Snow!

  1. Sonya Coggins ⋅

    Girl, you are craaaaaaaaaaazy! Please pose for that picture and post it. I’ll scrapbook that tonight! **LOL**

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