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Hair Did, Face Did…Oh You Fancy Huh?

I used this yesterday on a FB posting and it tickled me so I’m using it again (Don’t Judge Me, lol). I have alot of Hair, Make Up, Fashion ramblings floating around in my head and today is the day I get them out.

Shea Butter seems to be the drug of choice for my hair. Everything with it in it works on my head – so I’m not going to fight that (and save money in the process from just trying stuff just because). Until my hair tells me it would like something else – I’m going to use the set of products I have.

I still haven’t chosen a hair spray. The reason I want to use one is because the way my curls are they would ‘set’ on that rainy day if I gave em a light mist. I really feel like I’m knowing what ever this is growing out my skull this time. We’ve introduced ourselves to each other and been through several levels of friendship and hatred (lol). My journey is about loving what God gave me and at this point it doesn’t need a relaxer but nothing wrong with a touch of Alcohol – hell I drink, why shouldn’t my hair? LOL

I am being very picky with the hair accessories I am chosing. At first I was on a path to just buying everything that’s cute, but I really want to maintain a grown woman stance about me, so alot of stuff just looks to young. I want to stay with like muted color bands etc. No lime green/hot pink. I want to make sure my headbands are giving more coutoure’ than Strawberry Shortcake. I want to get some sparkle clips. The one thing I do intend on getting though is me a headband that screams small pill hat!! OMG!! I need one or two of those in my life.

I can admit that I am a bit afraid of the month of JULY!! that’s when the real struggle is gonna come into play and believe you me, I will have NO QUALMS in packing this humidity ridden stuff away up under the wonderful wonderful processed to be damned hair of a weave/braid!! So judge me not!!

Iman has given me SO MUCH FREAKING LIFE!! I decided after taking a few ‘classes’ on Youtube that I wanted to try her products. I was feeling the way she was undertoning to match our skin tones. I had found that MAC left this whole ‘ashy’ feeling for me and was just so thick AND expensive!! Well to me $14.99 is as well but I still wanted to try IMAN. Man oh Man!! I have fallen in love!! I bought her next to none foundation Clay 4 (still wanna be an EARTH but I’ll take the rich Eythopian Clay of my ancestory as well). It blends so freaking well!! I have been using it every day in different levels of coverage. (remember my goal was not to leave the house anymore with a naked face – getting to old for that). I then began studying what to do about my large pores and how to use concealer. For my January 45th Birth Year Present to myself I purchased her semi-loose powder and face primer. I found some eyelid primer I had from Sephora (thanks Willie) and copped some concealer from the Dollar General for $1.25 – Can I say I personally look in the mirror and consider my face ‘BEAT: LOL LOL At least in reference to how it’s been looking. Iman stays on all day and I like the powder because you actually rotate the tin and it shaves off, for lack of a better word, a ‘helping’ just right to use on your face. I blot like mid day and that’s it in terms of make up. The eyelid primer and acquisition of some different brushes have my eye shadow smooth and staying put. I’ve even figured out how to effectively get eye liner on my top lid, lol and somewhat the bottom, lol I also began a face process to keep it clean and blemish free. I started out with Noxzema products but um it broke me out TOO STRONG at this age!! So I switched ot Oil of Olay. It’s working great. I am taking my make up off every night and making sure I stay moisturized before bed. I am LOVING IT!!

My hair night time process is a squeeze of shea butter oil ran through my hair, doing any maintenance (now wearing a two strang out and so I redid the front last night) packing my hair down with my hands and plopping on the same cotton scarf I’ve had since I don’t know right out of High school. I started wearing a scarf because I found that I could ‘train’ my hair overnight. If I wanted a part then I made it fixed my hair plopped on the scarf and in the morning I was able to style with my hands and my hair was already going in the direction I needed it to be in. When I’m about ready to change my style – I stop wearing the scarf and just sleep.

It’s not time yet but when I get my color touch up, I want to make sure I have her dye my hair pieces. Together they cost less than $20 so if they dissolve or something it’s ok, but I want to wear them!!

I’m about to get me some Tshirts and make me a couple of cute “Natural Girl” Tshirts. I see so many fly pictures that would look extra cute on a shirt!! 

I think I will own those pick earrings really soon!  LOVE IT!

I’m curious to blow my hair out and wear a pony. My sides are not having it in terms of great length. I want to experiment with keeping my hair a bit textured and still wearing a pony.

I also have started using a comb at least once a week. The giant huge tooth one. It keeps the build up of hair residue down and I want to check length sometimes because…

I’m obsessed with trimming to keep it all even – yes I can trim my own hair, I’ve been able to do that for a long time now. I have trimmed it three times in the last couple of months. I will stop.

I swear sometimes the relaxer is reappearing some kinda way and I am 100% sure it’s all gone – my hair my hair doing it’s thing. Currently I have a really cork screw kinda curl going on, intermeixed with a really thick bush part (that I feel is just damaged cause that’s the area I relaxed the most – the dreaded HORSESHOE you leave out when you weave) and then I have this straight see through stuff running down the left side of my head – can see right through it picked out, lol lol My goal is to keep it all spliced together effectively, lol lol

If I had to say I had some kinda accessory obsession, it’s earrings. I keep seeing earrings I want to wear but I also have learned IT’S OK TO WEAR SMALL EARRINGS WITH NATURAL HAIR!! I have on a tear drop pair now. I like all sizes and styles. In that area too I’m trying to stay funky and shy away from cheap. My favorite place is Burlington Coat Factory – they have some fly sutff. Now when Summmer hits – I may do some colorful plastic types depending on what I have going on.

I sitll have no FASHION SENSE or STYLE, but I’m working on it. I really think I am leaning towards this Old Navy/Bohemian thing w/ a sprinkle of Feminine thrown in. Right now I”m just happy I’ve picked up pieces that FIT!! I was so tired of too big clothes. I look forward to the summer and the multitude of cute, flirty, dresses that will be available. I intend to get to the Old Navy before the month is out.

I’ve had a couple of “Oh No what have I done” moments with my head, but I haven’t been tempted to relaxer it or anything or even weave it up. I’ve thought about the whole weave thing but I wanna find the perfect ‘textured’ hair cuase that’s what I’d be going for – a messy choppy fro like six months down the line from where my hair is now, yah dig! I really have no desire to do STRAIGHT hair. It’s not appealing to me at the moment.

The most important thing in this area I have been experiencing is FEELING BEAUTIFUL!! I’ve been feeling so confident in my look and that means alot to me!! ALOT!!


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2 responses to “Hair Did, Face Did…Oh You Fancy Huh?

  1. Sonya Coggins ⋅

    I think you are beautiful, fashionable, funny, and just a pretty darn cool lady! BTW, I’m gonna try that IMAN makeup myself!

  2. Please get rid of the cotton scarf! lol It’s not good for our natural hair. It’s taking away all of the moisture from your hair. It also creates fuzz. Wear a silk scarf or a bonnet. And if you don’t sleep with a silk scarf or bonnet, your pillow case needs to be silk.

    I started out as a product junkie. It’s so easy to become one because you want to try everything. I found a few products that work wonderfully on my hair and I have no plans to try any more products for awhile.

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