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Drinky Drank Drank

Ahh another Request Blog – I am excited and happy to oblidge. (Constance & Michelle – this is for you)

As I sit here shaking up my Strawberry Lemonade in my new 16.9 oz water bottle (been looking for this because the 20 oz size is just to big for these shake-and-go drinks) I am proud to say I have been ‘clean’ for 36 days. IF you read THIS, then you know I had to give up the sugary liquid substances I was addicted to on the serious tip!! It was killing me. So I went cold Turkey and boy in the beginning, wow!! My first week I drank nothing but water because I really needed to flush out. All along (NOT making fun of those really addicted to something) I have been comparing the whole need to drink this stuff with an addiction because that’s what it felt like and when I saw a show on TLC about a woman who WAS addicted to soda drinking upwards of 50 cans A DAY. I knew this to be true. So like any addiction – there are withdrawals and I went through that for about a good 7-8 days. I’m talking bad headaches, dizzyness, grouchiness and stomach ailments that had me worshipping the porcelain bowl for a minute there, but I was determined and sometimes the aggravation is a strong motivator to NOT do that ever again.

So now here I am and my have things gotten better. My sugars immediately dropped like 75-80 points!! From insanely (for me) high to almost not high, lol The biggest thing is that I feel different about this time. I am a drinker. I enjoy having a cold glass of liquid more than food. I don’t know why – just how it is. There are PLENTY of things to drink, but I was just not interested. Well I’ve discovered some great things, even how to enjoy my ALCOHOL.

My biggest achievement was making it through the entire holiday season with all the eating out and celebrating 99% Sugar Free!! I had one cocktail that contained mixer. Otherwise all my mixers were sugar free. There was no difference in taste with me sipping on my beloved Ciroc w/Cranberry Pomegrant SF On-The-Go than what I was drinking before. None! Nobody said anything – NOBODY CARED!! (was using that excuse for naught)..

I also started experimenting and figured out that heat does things to SPLENDA. So now I heat up my water for my koolaid, add my splenda, stir and let cool. You know like making tea. EXCELLENT. Taste like the ghetto koolaid yo momma made.

Something else I did was begin TESTING how things affect me. V8 has a Diet Juice – I accidently bought it for my husband. I was looking at it and noticed it only had 3g of carbs and only 1 of those was sugar the rest fiber. So I drank 16 oz and tested. My sugars didn’t move!! Not one point – so I tested again with a no carb breakfast and it didn’t move again. Now this does NOT mean that I can now sit and drink the whole bottle, lol BUT I can have some juice on the weekend with my family and feel ok. Each 8-ounce serving of this drink has only 10 calories. and counts as a FREE food Exchange on the American Diabetes List!

Healthy Balance has an Apple Juice approved by the Juvenile Diabetes Association. I haven’t tested yet but I will and see what happens.

Also I’ve been just looking in stores for different ‘taste’. To my utter surprise and delight while shopping at Target, I ran across the Market Pantry on-the-go mix packets (the ones you use with water bottles in Lime Margarits, cranberry cosmopolitan and strawberry daiquiri. I picked up the Strawberry Daiquiri and made me nice ole drink!! It tastes excellent. To the point that the teenager and I shared a blender (non alcoholic of course) with a dollop of Whipped Cream on the top because Whipped Cream has like 1g of sugar in it. 1 cup ice, 4 oz light rum, 1/3 cup sliced strawberries, 2 oz water (3oz if not adding alcohol), 1 pack of mix. Pulsate blend like you do any other frozen drink mix. Add water if it’s too thick. One squirt of whipped cream if desired. Enjoy!!

Now about Soda – point blank, I still don’t have a taste for diet soda! It’s all nasty to me! HOWEVER, what I have discovered is that this taste I don’t like comes from bottles and cans. Out of the fountain – it’s doable. Not quite sure what the difference is but the strength of the Carbonate is what does it. So when I’m out Coke Zero with Lemon is nice and strong or when I”m at my friendly Quik Trip Diet Dr. Pepper gives me that tingle.

Have I been tempted? Yes. Not to long ago, I was looking in the fridge for something to eat (another post) and I just stared at the Orange Juice it looked so nice and cold and I wanted so bad to just pick up that container and dirnk it straight on BUT I remembered the fact that my side doesn’t hurt anymore and that I’m not in a ‘drunken’ stupor anymore and that this is pivotal for my reversing some other stuff that goes down when my sugars are too high – so I just closed the fridge and went and sat down somewhere. Surprisingly, I wasn’t tempted while I was out drinking and carousing.

So it’s a daily decision for me, but this time around it’s not calling me in the middle of the night or anything crazy like that. I have choices, I have different sweetner recipies (like I only do iced tea with sweet & low and Equal combo) and I have my beloved mixers and even a frozen drink or two. There is no reason why I should slip – really there isn’t.  My friend Monica basically set me on fire with the line ‘ you risking it all for some damn soda”  I know right.  I read a long time ago that black women have the highest rate of sickness due to SODA and FRUIT PUNCH.  So even if you are not diabetic – look over all of the posts I’ve done about this and make the decision to alter what you are drinking…..Please I wanna see you fabulous with me 🙂



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