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144 Hours In Huh?

Well Happy Freaking New Year!! I hope that everyone has at least made it to this point with all those Resolutions, I promise I won’t do it again, I be damn if I do 2011 like this type things. I’m sure alot of us have not and that’s cool too. My one and only Resolution is to STAY ALIVE and that ain’t guaranteed irregardless of what I am doing – so let’s just keep it stepping.

I”m not sure about Tiny’s mouth and voice – but she down!! In my ‘damn my man in prison’ fantasies I too am giving him a hand job. That’s what I’m suppose to do outside of bringing contraband in stuffed in a baggie in my Chocha. Heyyyy what can I say?!

I’ve been spending a bit more time over in the land of Twitter and I really believe you have to choose one social media to spend the most of your time. There’s no way you can keep up with all that stuff unless you are cross pollinating. Sometimes I want to – but then again, my FB folks are just that FB folks. No need to discuss what goes happens on Twitter over there. It might just be some debauchery. I do enjoy going over there though. I have a great list of folks I stalk follow and the celebrities are hilarious almost all the time.

Now that it’s 2011, my girls and I are starting to get kinda antsy about your new season starting. I see it kicking off January 24th with the premiere of RuPauls Drag Race Season 3. I didn’t like the whole Drag University because it didn’t involve making over aspiring Drag Queens!! I can recommend a whole heap of them that live in Savannah that would get much life from a bit of JuJu Bee’s expertise!!! I’m real excited about this season as well as I’m excited about our Finale Party. We have a theme already but I won’t be giving that away.

So we are 14 days out from my 4th wedding anniversary!! Yep! that is about as special as it can get. I will go into more detail when that date gets here but I can say I really don’t know where the time went and to me that means H-A-P-P-Y because when you miserable you know where every second went, believe me.

Speaking of the Hubby – I’ve discovered that if he’s not laying beside me at a reasonable time at least a couple nights a week, I just am not sleeping well. So thanks dear for the past two nights. I’ve slept like a freaking log!! Now GET YOUR FUNKY ASS FEET OFF ME, lol lol lol lol

At some point I need to de-clutter my freaking apartment. I usually call it a house until now because it’s an apartment and has the space of one. Cluttered space indicates a cluttered mind and I admit mine is full to the brim – but I gotta work on the piles. GEESH!!

I wish no bills were in my name because then I wouldn’t have to deal with them. I just HATE talking on the phone to all of those people. Hate it!! even if it’s not about deliquency.

Sooo someone has blocked me from commenting on their page – I don’t EVEN know them like that so I’m deleting them.

I need to check my FB “Hide” list cause I can’t remember who’s there,lol lol I might wanna check in with them.

I’m still exercising my right to exhibit mega passive/aggressiveness concerning my family – but I’m in a better place in my head. Now to just let it slowly trickle down to my…..mouth.

I need to identify the issue with my stomach and soon!! I don’t know what sets this bad boy off. I need to get on some type of specific plan for eating so that I’m not obsessing about food all the freaking time.

I want an Ipad. I need three devices to make my life complete. My lap top for all of my major projects, my Iphone for on the go constant communication and now an Ipad for my eyesight and convenience. I have been unabashly hinting at my Hubby for this. I have gotten him some Fantastic stuff that is on his wish list – I am looking forward to him fulfilling some of mine (well more than he already has).

For some reason I haven’t had an interest in Scrapbooking lately. I really believe it’s because I just need my own space to keep my stuff out. All the putting up and taking down is tedious and takes away from my creativity. So I have to be in the mood for sure. Maybe next weekend because this weekend is “Girls Movie Day” at least on Sunday.

Just because something affects you doesn’t necessarily make you ‘sensitive’. The things I get upset about are the things I get upset about – fuck you trying to put it back on me saying I’m to sensitive! You’re too much of an ass by believing someone wants to hear your shit and not be affected.

I sure hope some good Black movies hit the big screen this year!! Geesh!

Well I didn’t win the lottery. Some folks in some podunk towns in the Midwest hit that bad boy. You know what though – I’d actually like a little less. I do believe that there is a door to a place in all of us that we keep closed ON PURPOSE because beyond that door is some shit we just deem impossible, not fanthomable or straight out fucked up. The taking away the stress of the financial, swings that door wide open. Some money just takes you into the foyer, over $300 million takes you right into the main room and you know what? Ask any celebrity or semi-money making person. THAT DOOR IS CLOSED FOR A REASON!!

I wonder (1) if MoBetta’s wife has found this blog and (2) how they are gonna find their ways into my life in 2011.  Only me!

I really think my girls and I are gonna pull off the June Excursion and THAT my people is going to be so fabulous!! I get excited and emotional about doing things with them but when we step out the cab in front of the hotel in the heart of the beast, lights flashing welcoming us, I may just burst out in tears!! THIS is where we should be!! Well one of three places, lol

Ok, that was just FB acting up. Glad I’m learning NOT to react without breathing and counting to five, lol

Reality TV is going to be the death of me….really it is.

Is it summer yet?!


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