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The Year of Facebook

What a fun ride!!  Most things that I do I do extra, and Facebook is no exception.  I’ve long got over the concept that I might Facebook to much. There are all kinds of things you can do to limit how much I show up on a person’s page, lol and I’m sure those folks are utilizing it.  From the FB user they are creating a timeline they themselves would enjoy, if someone else happens to enjoy it great.

What I have loved most about FB in 2010 is the expansion of my friend base and the development of group activities.  Nothing has been so much fun and I’ve been through most of the social ways to use the internet!

As I look ahead, I actually spent some time thinking about how to configure, use and continue to enjoy Facebook.

Yes I still flip over if someone is on my friends list and I never interact with you.  Why?

FB has REALLY taught me about misreading people on the internet.  You see them in one setting and feel one way – sit down and ‘talk’ to them and you were just wrong.

I AM going to trim my list and it’s not going to be pretty, but I feel like one of the few areas I have complete control over is my social life and it’s time to get back to that.

This year by belonging to groups I have met, in particular, some new Black women and I’ve fallen in love with them (black women).  I look forward to expanding that circle.

My Favorite Facebookers of the year are:

Roland Martin – I almost freaked out when he went on vacation for Christmas, don’t ever do that again!

Kim Houston – Her talking sports throughout the year has made me proud.

Cassandra Crane – Seeing her get balanced, stay balanced, and balance others WOW!

Witches Brew – WOW is all I have to say WOW

Rod McCullom – He has kept me informed and offered up some nice eye candy

Stepfanie Valentine – This is the most abstract sista I know.  She belongs on top of a mountain charging for her thoughts.


Now about the Facebook application itself.

Dear Mark:

I love Facebook!  I kneel at your feet for your brilliance.  You have made a lot of changes over the past 365 days, some good/some bad.  Here are a few of my ‘twerks’ about this little thing we call FB.

  • There needs to be better integration of a person’s timeline.  I miss all kinds of good stuff cause folks don’t show up on my feed all the time.  Let US specifically pick who we want to always show up no matter what.
  • What is the point of ‘likes’ if then you never see or can interact with them again.  So what if I like Chicken Noodle Soup when I can’t even figure out how to go and see if there is any activity.
  • Either push through on the freaking phone or don’t.  Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t.
  • Make the group making process a bit easier and can we stream based on groups of folks we put together?
  • Maybe ‘pages’ would help this. I would love to be able to flip through pages to interact with my folks about different things.
  • I’m really confused on how to tweek privacy controls.
  • Stop trying to get people to go outside of their friend comfort zones – the beauty of friends is that all of you are interconnected in the ways you want them to be.
  • Keep up the good work!!




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Lover of MJ, Mother of College Girl, Atlanta living participant of the bigger picture. Always ready for my closeup.

2 responses to “The Year of Facebook

  1. Sandstone ⋅

    Thanks Pam for listing me as one of your favorites. Helping others, as well as myself, to remain balanced has always been my passion because I love to see folks reach their highest potential and be the best at whatever they desire to be.

    I have truly enjoyed your FB postings and blogs as well. You actually inspired me to start a blog back in 2008. You are a true artist and I hope that you take that talent to the highest level that you possibly can and God will do the rest.

    Have a safe and wonderful new year. Set your intentions on things greater than before.

  2. NikkFree ⋅

    Wow! I’m proud to say I made the list. I know I talk sports too much sometimes, but, truth betold, I use FB as an outlet to talk about THAT much. It has to spill out somewhere. LOL!

    You know I’ve always enjoyed reading your posts and blogs and so you know you make my list every time. You always have interesting and unique things to say about a lot of different subjects. You reveal some of yourself in your writings which is something I’ve NEVER had to courage to do. I admire that about you. The best writers that. It’s one reason why I feel you would be successful once you get a draft or something out there.

    I see good things for us both in 2011.

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