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2011 Vision

Today is the eve of my 45th fabulous year on this planet!!  I am a sucka for milestones and special times/events. Me turning 45 is HUGE to me. Looking inside this is what I see tis 45th year eve:


  • I see me celebrating my ‘born day’ every month by getting me something J(this excludes MJ merchandising, lol)
  • I see me continuing on my Natural Hair Journey with me being able to rock a huge puff myself by Summer, 2011
  • I see me and my girls on THREE MWC traveling events and ONE in town event with at least 10 Sunday eating events.
  • I see me slipping up on the whole sugar drinks thing, but for a shorter period of time and then getting back on the horse (just being honest and real)
  • I see myself bursting with pride as my Husband completes his movie and gives it to the world.
  • I see myself GOING THROUGH IT as my daughter begins to wrap up this portion of her life.
  • I see myself riding in the PASSENGER SEAT while she takes me to the mall.
  • I see me and my family taking a vacation and my husband and I taking one.
  • I see me finding the right contacts to wear so I can show the world my face!!
  • I see me wearing a solid 12-14 which is alright with me.
  • I see UBERLY FABULOUSLY summer dresses, hats, shades, purses, sandles.
  • I see another SLAMMIN BTW High School Reunion
  • I see a couple of concerts in my life.
  • I see me completing my book (since I didn’t do shit I said I would this month SMH)
  • I see a new TV in this house!!
  • I see me as President of the Atlanta Michael Jackson Group
  • I see about 4-6 Scrapbooks
  • I see a lot more video from me
  • I see a couple of positive challenges at work
  • I see a clearer conscious about my family
  • I see layers of fear peeled off this body
  • I see me taking care of myself MUCH BETTER
  • I see some volunteering in my life
  • I see some freaky deaky stuff with my husband!!!
  • I see so much more Michael Jackson!!
  • I see better quality
  • I see more organization
  • I see less paperwork
  • I see new decorations and home furnishings
  • I see me yelling fuck you..more than once.
  • I see teenage drama
  • I see soap making as my new hobby
  • I see great gifts for the people I love
  • I see NYC for my birthday
  • I see…fish
  • I see mediation and Taoism
  • I see you you and you but sorry not YOU
  • I see so much fucking confusion that I will make it through
  • I see some bad financial slip ups
  • I see a wedding or two
  • I see the continuance of the love between me and my man
  • I see some HARD decisions
  • I see learning several new things
  • I see some great festivals and outdoor markets
  • I see thrifting
  • I see the joy of grocery shopping
  • I see robbing Peter to pay Paul and then putting a hit on Paul so I can get my damn money back.
  • I see a teenager working
  • I see many hugs and kissings
  • I see some people talking really bad about me
  • I see some adult moments
  • I see some childish moments
  • I see the Judicial system
  • I see me putting one foot in front of the other
  • I see being highly favored by GOD
  • I see growing my fingers nails back out
  • I see the sun smiling on me
  • I see a cute bathing suit
  • I see SO MUCH laughter
  • I see Hate



About Pamela

Lover of MJ, Mother of College Girl, Atlanta living participant of the bigger picture. Always ready for my closeup.

2 responses to “2011 Vision

  1. Ty ⋅

    “I see dead people.” lol lol just kidding. I see us on that next level, and loving it!

  2. NikkFree ⋅

    I see a very together woman anmed Pam. Happy New Year my friend. Many blessings to you and your family. Thanks for being MY friend. I love ya!!!

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