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Cheers To You

Disclaimer:  Yea Yea Yea Alcohol is B-A-D. We shouldn’t be drinking. Drink Responsibly.  ALWAYS check your sugars to determine how these mixes work for you.  CIROC is the Bomb (Oh that’s not a disclaimer – that’s fact, lol)

Soooo, I have this whole Diabetes Type 2 thang.  I’ve gotten off that ‘narcotic’ (sugary drinks/soda/juice) been clean for 21 days.  I am taking away 1 day because recently I was out with a friend and I had a glass of Sangria – there was sugar in that.

I am still milling over how to drink when I’m out – it probably will be my ‘cheat’ time because quite frankly, I never have more than 2 drinks. 

HOWEVER, most of my drinking is done with my friends in the comfort of someone’s home.  We are always making up all kinds of cool drinks etc. Next week I will be attending 2 functions where drinking will be the star attraction – Hell it’s New Years!!

The second most popular place to enjoy a bit of the booze is sitting comfortably in my bed!! 

The main issue is not the alcohol it’s all the bad things you mix with it: Soda, Juice, Fruit, pre-made Mixers etc.  Those take it into overkill.  So I really wanted to look into how to do this and keep those nasty ‘blood spikes’ as best I can at bay, yet be overcome by the feeling of a fresh holiday/anyday ‘buzz’.

 I am a Vodka (and now Gin) drinker.  Light liquor usually taste good in anything from Juice to koolaid to lemonade.  This does make it easier, but I wanted bonafide drinks you know. Something I can mix up quickly (possibly discreetly) and carry around in my festive glass – chillin.

Well it’s been right up under my nose – but when you’re not there mentally – you don’t see it.

For the Gin drinkers out there – you really want GIN & JUICE, Snoop Demands it – so here yah go.

This comes actually in a traditional canister, I haven’t seen it in these bottles, but check your store.  I find it to be a bit tart – so I will add packet of splenda – you can even add an Orange Slice if you want – that won’t kill yah.

 For the Ciroc Family (or any Vodka) – this is where it gets really fun.

Ocean Spray has totally given me LIFE!!  You can actually just pour one of these bad boys in a water bottle that has about a quarter poured out – shake, fill it up the rest of the way with Vodka – shake, pour enjoy.  You can also make it and pour into your shaker with ice, shake, put in a festive glass, garnish and keep it moving.


Want a Cape Cod – use the Cranberry & Ruby Red


Add Sprite Zero for some fizz (club soda etc. works as well).


Another thing:  Several companies are now making Margarita mixes etc. with no sugar. For some reason BIG LOTS seems to always have some, lol  Also check your Walmart.  Sometimes you just gotta troll around to feed your habit.

In terms of dark liquor, when I am in the mood for say a rum or that’s what the liquor of the day is – I can just get a diet coke and rum.  Since I really don’t drink darker liquor – not sure of other recipes – if you have some let me know.

I really enjoy social drinking and part of the ‘rationale’ for me doing a slow suicide was I wanted to be able to hang on that level without some kinda sign on my head. Well now I wanna LIVE so I’m going to stick to this routine.  I can see myself this summer ordering a shot of Ciroc and a glass of ice and water, whipping out my Ocean Spray Cranberry on-the-go and mixing my drink at the table at Dugans.  I can see traveling with the MWC and having what I need on me so we can do our public display of tipsy as we always do.  We carry around flask and ‘water’ bottles anyway, lol 

 Look at all of the drinks on the go and Chrystal Light Brand (they are usually located with the koolaid in the grocery store). There are all kinds of flavors that you can mix up and make drinks with. Adding fresh fruit as decorations and rimming glasses with splenda with a bit of food coloring can also make your drink visually the way you like it. 

Another thing to do is to fuse your own liquor.  This involves an air tight container, your favorite light liquor (vodka), cut up fruit and a dark place. Let this sit oh say 3 months in the back of the closet and the liquor should take on the flavor of the fruit (check your sugars with this) – for those that just want vodka on the rocks – homemade.  You can get this at some swanky bars as well.  vodka tonic and Vodka water tastes good as well (with higher quality liquor).

I hope that this might help someone else who is struggling with being young, social and diabetic.  Any comments, ideas etc. let me know! The more drinks we get in our arsenal the better.

P.S. The whole wine thing – you’re just either going to take an L about that and make sure you stick to low carb eating and/or limit yourself to like 2 glasses.  Funny I’mma choose HARD LIQUOR so I can have a bit more, lol lol lol


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  1. NikkFree ⋅

    So….do I just call you “Mix Master” now ? LOL!

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