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  • I have had to acknowlege that I might be sipping on a small dainty glass of E&J……..about my Husband. It all boils down to my constant battle to have some life relevancy that really means something in the scope of how other people judge what means something. My husband has a PASSION!! I don’t. He has a PLAN!! I don’t. He has a MISSION! I don’t. At least in the big scheme of things. So I found myself copping an attitude about him pursuing his DREAM and I’ve been trying to identify it because I copped one when I was with my first husband and I’ve had to admit that is probably it. I’m working on stopping that as well. Just another piece of the Pam puzzle. Folks take the whole concept of DO YOU and BE YOURSELF as if it’s something that comes naturally, but it doesn’t. If I could figure out why I can’t really be solid and happy in all of the things I do and am and more importantly why and who am I trying to please/make proud of me/satisfy you talking about progress. I just have to keep working on it. I just have to keep working on it. Now this is some TRUTH for you!! WOW!
  • There needs to be a conversation about these legging infractions I keep seeing in the work place. WOW!
  • Is it as annoying to you as it is to me when Men are predictable when it comes to the women they decide are fine? Not all the time but sometimes I look and the man himself is looking so obviously past some attractive woman(en) to go to the same old current cookie cutter look. WOW!
  • I’m STILL MAD that You Know You Dead Ass Wrong is almost in the tens of thousands with no slowing down in sight. Wow people just WOW!
  • You know I”m so overjoyed that the Blackman is available to me, I really have no desire or interest in other races of men (outside of the occasional roar for my Hispanic Bretheren). This particularly applies to white men. I just don’t find the majority of them attractive. So when I see one that makes the lion come out and look around I say so. I said it about Brad Pitt (particularly during the 60’s in Benjamin Button) and I said it about Sean Connery, well lo and behold I saw one the other day,lol lol who ever that was that Chili brought to the Soul Train Awards! WOW!!
  • Pet Peeve: any comment about relations and here you come with your negativity. Every relationship good and bad are not based on the level of drama that makes for a messed up situation. Even when it’s going bad it doesn’t mean all the extraness. Geesh WOW!
  • If I work these numbers one mo gin…WOW!
  • I’m STILL MAD I just didn’t go to the “Poor Man’s College” YOUTUBE and save $53 GRAND!!! Wow!!
  • I’ve started taking Women’s vitamins for Activity and Brain Function. I really think that I need to be ingesting some additional help in getting healthy. I feel more mentally alive as we speak, lol lol
  • I’ve gotten off that narcotic (regular soda), 80% of Carbs and Processed Sugar in general as well. Let me assure you, I went through an actual withdrawal!! Those things leaving my system was difficult, very difficult and I really was curled up on the bathroom floor cause it was kicking ass and taking names. I’m back up in the saddle (again) and taking it day by day. Immediately I saw the benefit. I’m on my meds, my vitamins and my sugars are COMING DOWN!! Now it’s about maintaining. I actually will do even better when I add meat back into my diet because then I can work snacks a bit better. I can munch on cold chicken till the cows come home!! I feel good really good and as the whole official holiday thing approaches and I start going out and partying, the real test will come. I can do this! WOW!
  • Facebook has changed their profile again. They are gung ho on having you reach outside of your friend comfort zone and make new friends. I’m cool. I’m about to delete a whole heap of folks – I always get caught up in we went to HS together – yea were in the same building – but I don’t know you. Even after looking at all of your pictures including the ones you put from back in the day…I DON’T KNOW YOU!! WOW!
  • I recently exhibited some behavior that mirrored some other behaviour I have seen in my life. I stopped dead in my tracks, because that’s not who I am by a long shot BUT it is evidence that you watch, listen and learn whether you want to or not. That’s so not what my relationship is based on so I am making a concerted effort to make sure that doesn’t happen again! WOW!
  • I am beginning to trip that I am about to embark on an age bracket that when I was younger seemed so far away, seemed the age of your parents and seemed like the beginning of the end. WOW!
  • I was thinking about the fact that the only short man I’d entertain would be Larenz Tate and the only heavy man would be Cedric the Entertainer. Don’t ask me why I was pondering about that, lol WOW!
  • I also took note of the fact, I cant’ for the life of me remember anyone from my pasts naked body, ROTFL. WTH?! Yea I’ve taken some dedicated time to try and can’t do it. All I see is fuzziness. The brain is a powerful powerful file cabinet and I appreciate that when the love hormone is released and it’s real – it quietly scrambles the past 🙂 WOW!
  • I’ve never experienced an overweight man in the nude – what that look like? WOW!
  • I am in a quandry on how to move forward with someone who hates and despises their mother – especially when that is also my Mother…..WOW!
  • The teenager expressed that basically we live in a homeless shelter with cable – making a note to make sure I take her to a homeless shelter so she can have a point of reference. She needs to stop smoking whatever they smoking!! WOW!
  • The hair journey is going great! Transitioned for like 3-4 months, wearing my own crown and glory for about three months now. My hubby is enamoured with it!! My daughter is feeling it. I like that as a woman I have the multitude of options that I have. I’m determined not to become a product junkie – but I’m well on my way concerning accessories. I finally found an afro puff in the color family of my hair now, I anticipate rocking that bad boy in the very near future – loves my puffs. WOW!
  • I have just given up on the entire thought process of how do women have incomes for shoes/clothes/beauty etc. I feel like it’s too late – I enjoy spending my money on arts/crafts/collectibles etc. I won’t continue to beat myself up about that. When the feeling and need for clothes etc. arises – I’ll just feed it but I won’t fret over not having it all. Obviously I ddin’t want it all or when I got out on my own I would have trained me and my money to make sure there was some at all times for that. WOW!
  • However, I do wish I could go on What Not To Wear so I could identify what would be a good style for me. Right now it’s a hodge podge of things when I feel like I wanna be a cross between Old Navy and Boheiman lol lol I can see the hosts throwing up as we speak WOW!




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