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My Hair Journey

Hello!! Long time No See!!

This is a special request for a Sister I HIGHLY admire yet obviously must think she’s my Mother cause I don’t do anything she says so I’m broke and plump, ROTFL.  Please take a moment to check out her FABULOUS Site – FABULOUS FINANCIALS

This about my hair, at some point everyone who goes the natural route does a Hair Journey blog or pictorial, this is mines.  As with any journey – this might not be the end, lol  I could be doing something different next week or tomorrow, but that’s what ultimately makes it so cool – as you live life you go through alot of things – something I CHOOSE to VOLUNTARILY go through is my hair journey, I can customize it and even if it goes to the left sometimes – it still is under my control.

Everyone knows I love me some cut and waxed hair from the Beauty Supply Store, lol lol Weave is brillant to me – my only concern about it is that I fall into the category where it all looks the same. The beauticians I can afford are all doing the same thing.  It’s all looking Stepford Wives to me and eventually my Gemini needs to be fed.  Everyone is wearing some kinda straight so I stuck to curly.  I know my face shape and have learned through trial and error what works.  I’ve had some BAD weaves, lol One time (lol) I had a possum upside my head, lol lol lol

Last year, year before, I think I can’t remember, I cut all my hair off into this funky style – then realized immediately I didn’t feel like keeping it up, so as soon as it got long enough, I weaved it up.  My Besties and I studied and worked it out until we could assist in doing our own hair, the beginning of the WWW (Wine, Wings and Weave Parties) give/gave me so much life.  I rocked some form of a weave straight through – never really thinking about the fact that since my hair was shaved on the back and sides it was growing in devoid of relaxer.  Only my front was relaxed and it was growing out. I’ve done natural before, but I wasn’t ready and soon that mess started looking way crazy.  This time however, I started taking a look at my hair and it was…looking cute, or maybe it was I was somewhere that when I LOOKED at myself I SAW cute.  I never gave a thought to the fact that apparently ‘naturals’ had come in style.

I remember taking my weave out the end of this summer and decided to pick it up and see how much it had grown.  I had a lot of hair!!  Then something happened, I looked at some pictures of me and my girls from the summer and I didn’t feel my individualism.  We looked like three FABULOUS (let’s not forget that) weaved sisters.  I decided to NOT get another weave right now.

I didn’t need to do a BC (which is a Big Chop)  I did a series of mini-chops.  I could see clearly what part was relaxer and what part was not after I washed my hair – so I took a couple of months and just grew it out.  Yes I had a moment because I drank the koolaid about the issue with wearing what God gave you right out of your head.  I expressed this on Facebook, lol  Yet I kept on because I wanted to do something different and I had come to the realization that I didn’t NEED a relaxer, I WANTED a relaxer and that at this point in my life – I really had to just admit, I wasn’t into the whole beauty salon experience.  I needed something I could take care of and if I did have to go – it wasn’t all day and night and all my money.

So I cut down until I had a TWA (Teeny Weeny Afro), interestingly enough I was feeling it.  It’s amazing how you can look in the mirror and not see yourself, but hear what others say or imagine what you think they are saying and totally miss out on your beauty.  I had made HUGE progress in my whole I wear glasses issue and have been rocking them for awhile now – so looking in the mirror and seeing myself STILL as beautiful worked!!

I’m always trying to be difficult, so I was insistent that I wasn’t joining a ‘movement’ I didn’t feel any more black or closer to God because of this and certainly I would never diss a sista who is doing something else with her hair as if I’m better than her!  Get outta here – what makes her happy makes me happy and God knows at any moment I might weave it up baby!

Part of that was not becoming a product junkie.  I tried a few things but I wanted the whole thing to be just normal – no extra.  I slowly picked out things that I felt worked on my hair and hair texture type.  I can’t do a lot of grease, it weighs me down, and I wanted to not use heat or equipment (combs, brushes) only my hands and I wasn’t gonna be wearing a do rag all the time (except when I twist or do plaits) no need to scare the hubby, lol.  I don’t wash my hair a lot – it works better a bit dirty.  So currently here are all the products I use at any given time:

  • Cream of Nature Kiwi and Citris Ultra Moisturizing Shampoo
  • Cream of Nature Chamomile & Comfry Conditioner
  • Miss Jessie Curly Pudding (I have a small amount I got from my Bestie)
  • Fantasia Shea Butter Sheen (one of my favorites use it everyday)
  • Organics Olive & Clove Oil Therapy
  • Mega Care Raw Shea Butter Oil

In the very near future adding this to the basket:

  • Flax Seed Homemade Gel
  • Suave Almond and Shea Butter Conditioner (for co-washing)

So there you have it! This is what I do.  I have updated my earring game to something way cute and my hair accessories are cute:  headbands, flowers, long necklaces, broaches, clips but I do enjoy just wearing my hair!

Here I am rocking a coupla puffs – you never know when you need to grow yo fro!!

I do bantu twists that I twist out and I do plaited where I plait little ones all over my head and then pull them out. My texture muse is Maxwell and secretly this Sis at the job (I would never tell her – I don’t like her, I just like her hair, lol)  So I like it rough and textured.  It does it all by itself after a couple of days, these little soft coils just pop up.

In true Gemini style – I wanted to take it to the next level, so I added some color!! I was feeling washed out so Clairol 45 it was, lol  I’m LOVING IT!

So there is a lot more I can talk about and I might later on in the week. This has gotten Hella Long.  I think the last question is where am I with my hair and where do I see myself going?  Right now I’m VERY excited about how fast it’s growing and how I’m learning about accessorizing and just loving what I have.  I LOVE that now when I take pixs with my girls there is TEXTURE and INDIVIDUALITY.  I am very much looking forward to next summer cause I see myself being hella fly!!  Then again I might braid it up next summer so who knows.

I wanted to end this blog post with some sites I’ve found that are really helpful and you get to see so many BEAUTIFUL sistas doing their things:


All of these are located on Facebook I believe and don’t forget You Tube – the poor man’s college. I have learned ALOT on there.



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2 responses to “My Hair Journey

  1. Sonya Coggins ⋅

    I think you’re hella fine and I LOVE your hair! Enjoyed the blog as always!

  2. Single Ma

    Thank you for writing this. Your hair has grown so much. It’s beautiful! I really like the pic with you in the shades. Hawt mama!

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