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Skittles had it right: I’ll just take the RAINBOW!

Let me preface this by saying, I fully acknowledge that this is a part of the fabric of the life of the Black Woman.  All over the world black people are catching hell in some form or fashion and a lot of it is directed at the Black woman. I also am not against the story being told.  I also have NOT seen the play so this is not about a comparison in content to the play or Tyler’s interpretation of the play.  This is about  the feeling I came away with.  This is my personal opinion and you are entitled to yours.

As I stepped out into the chilly air, the sun met me full force. I raised my face to that sun, begging for it to feed my skin with its nutrients.  I even took my head band off and ran my hand through my coils, allowing God’s work to remind me of where I do live – because I had just come from a very dark, dank, sorrowful place, the movie For Colored Girls.

Of course I was going to see it, One Tyler is like Mary J Blige to me, lol  I claim all the time I don’t like her but own her entire collection and consider her fly – same with Tyler.  I go and see his movies.  Sometimes we have to push through the self hate and hate of our own kind and make ourselves support.  Score one for us and one less for Toubob.

Next you can’t deny this isn’t a STELLAR cast!! Good Lawd.  Just to see Ms. Rashad would get me out of my bed for a 10:30 am movie, well and the fact that before noon it’s $5.25 at AMC, lol

Oh My Lawd!! The movie kinda teased you into thinking there would be a balance, but I just kept sinking into a deep dark hole of despair.  WHO ARE THESE WOMEN?  THEY ARE NOT ME.  Do I put them on sometimes in order to fit in? Is my mirror cloudy and they are me, but I just do not see?  These women are not me – can someone represent ME?

I feel some kinda way because I kept thinking about why is this, the story we cling to?  Why is this, what gives us the energy and motivation to move to the next level?  Why do we get ‘life’ from the ever present monologue that apparently we were born with a hot silver rod burning the flesh between our legs and our arms tied above our head being dragged behind the truck of life.

I was thinking about all the young women who have just been conditioned since birth that being a black woman is some kinda sin from God and that we have to start out from day one overcoming cause we apparently got all this stuff that comes out our ‘backbone’ and that a man is something we need but be aware that you will suffer greatly to have and love one.  Our bodies are these temples but be ashamed at our glory because it will be abused by our Fathers, our Uncles and random folks in our lives.  When we are born we DO NOT love ourselves, we must suffer until we get to this point where we have conquered it all and we love ourselves and then we must go out and tell the world and lean on other sisters in various forms of stops on this pitiful road and proclaim we are healed but not before rebuking a whole bunch of stuff.  Are you worn out from reading that?  Cause I AM!!  I’m not saying I haven’t dipped in the well of oh poor me, we all have.  This subject of this movie just irritated me.

What happened to us being Queens of Kingdoms and Princesses of lands?  Are we setting our daughters up to suffer just because suffering is now in our DNA.  It says something to me that this play holds so much relevance to today’s woman that Tyler, in 2010, could put a backroom abortion in a movie and women in the theatre gasp and testify aloud like it’s 1953.  Why haven’t we gotten to a point where this play is relevant in the scope of writings of our journey but not because we have moved on to FREEDOM.

Yes I know sisters who are probably still internally curled up in a knot after watching this movie.  I saw them on the screen, I flinched and mentally held their hands – but I still was TIRED OF THIS MOVIE!  So of course it ran like 5 hours!!!

What I know is that the story that I identify with seems to be what is currently termed ‘white girl’ movies.  Why does that have to be her story? Why do we sit around and decide that our lives can’t be about going to the grocery, meeting a cute funny brother and the comedy that is just living life.  Ooops we’ve had some, most recently “Just Wright”.  I LIKE THOSE KINDA MOVIES!!  I like Living Single, I like Girlfriends.  I also like the whole Sex and the City franchise, I cried watching both movies, lol. Certain parts got to me.

When I think back over the past summer and the time I have spent with my girls, intimate time, drunk time (which means honest time) and we haven’t stood hugging each other, holding each other up because we’ve been through so much fire our feet have burned away from the molestation, rape, abuse, sorrow, DL Men that we have been through.

We need to think long and hard about what we are giving the little open souls that are our daughters, when you hold that preciousness in our arms in the delivery room – lean down and whisper in her ear that she is the most beautiful, the wisest and a QUEEN.  Wrap a rainbow around them and tell them IT IS ENOUGH!! Even if you have to physically punch yourself in the mouth – DON’T PASS THE MESS TO YOUR DAUGHTERS!  We already see a whole generation who has taken on yet another crazy idea and what they are doing with that information.  I guess now we need to make sure our Granddaughters don’t fall victim to that sad sad story.

I just KNOW that there are more of me than there are of that – but we have to continue to subject ourselves to their story because for some reason we have to be made to feel some kinda way about NOT being that sista.  I love that sista too, but I am not going to support the continuance of that same damn story over and over again – even if Miss Jackson was BEAT TO THE GODS that whole fucking movie!!  They cut of cut it all out and just had her walk around, lol

I hope the movie does well and he’ll probably get great numbers this first weekend, but I think I’m going to boycott movies about women where we have to die in order to live.


Special shout out to my mom and my co-mom’s who for me – taught me that I was a Queen and that God made that Rainbow so it’s ALWAYS ENOUGH!!


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4 responses to “Skittles had it right: I’ll just take the RAINBOW!

  1. Constance Good ⋅

    Damn! That there is some powerful writing, Pamela Ali Price!

  2. NikkiFree ⋅

    I can see your point. Like you said, everyone has an opinion. I respect your view because you actually SAW the movie. One of our FB friends is busy repeating negative criticism of the movie from a “professional”. (Not only that, he’s making fun of TP’s sexual abuse. Very tasteless.)I could respect it more if he’d seen the movie and that was how HE felt. Dude has not even seen it yet. STFU then!

    It is truly a blessing to be able to say you cannot relate to ANY woman in the movie at all. You can be raised to see the rainbow. However, life happens and sometimes it’s not so pretty. In fact, it can be downright ugly. Sometimes folks sink in to places and wonder if God has abandoned them because they feel all alone in their tragedy. “Why so many unfair things are happening to me when Jane or Joe Blow has experienced nothing even remotely close to it? Why me?” You have that talk with God all over again…as an adult. It takes time. That particular conversation can last years. However, it’s even more meaningful now because you came to God on your own as opposed to being told this is who you pray to. It’s like an epiphany when you finally see the rainbow all over again.

    Like I said before, it’s truly a blessing to not be able to relate to any aspect of those characters. I see a little piece of myself in each character of For Colored Girls just as easily as I see a little bit of my personality in each character of SATC.

    (Sidenote: LOL! If I went by the Lifetime Channel, we’d all be thinking every white woman has been cheated on ,robbed, raped, kidnapped, killed their child’s cheerleader competition, murdered their hubby….. Do they EVER put positive movies on that channel?)

  3. NikkiFree ⋅

    For the record, suicide is not anything I have EVER considered. I respect life way too much for that. Unfortunately, there are some who have not only considered it but actually done it.

  4. Monica C.

    I haven’t seen the movie yet (I did not see Madea until years after it was released, so my TP track record is not so great), but I did read the book many moons ago, so I know what you’re talking about. I agree – and most wholeheartedly with your point about nor passing those messages onto our daughters. Even if we were victims of all of that, it isn’t necessary that the information and the experience be passed onto our daughters as if they have to bear our crosses.

    Just like in The Joy Luck Club (my favorite movie), the elder women had had unspeakable things happen in their past, but those tales were not shared with the daughters until they were grown women.

    I think there is a time and place to pass that information on, so we never lose sight of how strong our ancestors were, but like you said, there is no need for this to be laid upon the baby as she passes out of the womb!

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