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NaBloPoMo 11/2

Tuesday, November 2, 2010
Tell us the story of a piece of jewelry you own. Where did it come from, and what does it mean to you?

 This picture was taken on my wedding day.  My Mother in Law made that beautiful pillow for us BUT the piece of jewelry I am showcasing is the one that answers todays blog question.

What makes my wedding set so special to me is that it came after the sentiment.  I had a wedding ring before many years ago and it came devoid of the sentiment that I would expect to be attached to it.  Ultimately I got turned off on the notion and the ‘story’ behind the ring.  I was looking for the meaning – you could keep the jewelry. 

Then I met my husband, who asked me to marry him and didn’t have a ring.  I accepted his proposal without any hesitation because it spoke to me in volumes about the way he felt.  We were ‘engaged’ for a couple of months and I was open with the engagement and even if someone had some ‘feelings’ about my ring finger being empty, they didn’t say anything.  For some reason the ring would just be a symbol of metal – all the feeling everyone could see a mile away.

I remember walking in the bedroom. At the time we were sleeping on two mattresses on the floor (don’t ask, lol).  I plopped on the bed and he plopped down beside me and the maroon box came out.  He opened the box and there was my engagement ring.  I was thrilled!!  When I put it on electricity went throught my body and we were sealed. 

Our wedding bands were simple from the mall – he lost his oh I don’t know a month after we got married, lol lol  This move looped right back around to the way I felt when I didn’t have one at the time of engagement – it really was a piece of metal cause our relationship was SOLID.

My wedding set is my most important piece of jewelry because it truly is a piece of metal that shows others our bond – our relationship is so much more than these rings.


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