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Strraight From The Dome

I’ve come to realize that God has given you all of your joy along your journey, figure out how to live and cherish that, don’t steal anyone else’s but feel free to give some of yours away to those who haven’t found theirs. I AM FEELING SO MUCH JOY!!

This weekend put me into a wonderful wonderful space, like it has for the last several years. Ya’ll know I am a lover of my people and this time of year allows me to just fill up with that love. It helps to counter when some of us act a plum fool, lol lol The entire Booker T Washington experience left me full!! Can’t wait till next year.

There are, however, some thangs on my mind so let me go ahead and get them off my chest.

I’mma say this cause it’s what I’ve been thinking and yea wondering about. Year after year after year I hang with classmates (in both a single and married capacity) from several different classes. I like to observe and I’ve come to realize that I NEVER get flirted with!!! Did none of my classmates ever like me in that capacity. I know I was a bit, well you know, thick lens and I know my momma kept her foot firmly in my neck – but we grown now. I gets no male love like that from classmates. I see my other friends flirting and being flirted with and they cute and all that – but I’m just left out the bunch. Folks like me and they really respect my gangsta (lol) but er ummmmm – really? I mean it is what it is, and no I’m not tripping over it – but then again, I might be, Damn! I’m not attractive as a grown woman to my fellow classmates? Hmmmmmmmmmm – I’ll let that marinate, lol

I need to realize what size I really wear now in clothes. My stuff is falling off and though it doesn’t look that bad, I feel sloppy if you know what I mean. I had on a shirt the other day and my breast were in one space and the pockets for my breast were somewhere else, lol lol I have gone down I’d guess 3 or 4 sizes and need to begin to realize that – now only if I found some money for some clothes, lol lol

I was looking at pictures from this past weekend and if I say so myself – I am looking YOUNG and VIBRANT! My skin ain’t cracking even the least bit. Thank You God and Momma & Daddy, lol

I do wish I could go and get me a good facial, I feel like I have blackheads sitting around like freaking bullets on my face, lol lol I just need to get the stuff to do it myself. I have yet to find the right type of cleaner – I need to find me an Avon Book.

I am trying really hard to make myself believe that I wouldn’t put my family in financial jeopardy (based on our current situation) in order to secure tickets to the Cirque de Soliel Michael Jackson Show, as tickets are going on sale November 3rd, but I’m having a hard time with that, lol I’m having a really hard time with that.

My husband lost his phone. He’s been in serious serious mourning since Friday evening. I actually was concerned cause I don’t see him mourning a human that much. Then I pulled my phone close to me and rubbed it lovingly so as to not lose sight of what is really important.

The teenager will be 17 tomorrow. 17!! Wow! That’s all I have to say about that – I can’t wrap my mind around the fact I’ve kept something alive that long, lol lol

Today is my review – I guess we’ll review how much money I’m not getting.

Dude at Taste of Atlanta said he was the ONLY one who sold this product I was interested in. He must not know that I am the google queen. If they got it somewhere I will find it. It’s all about what combination of words you put in google. FOUND IT!! $17 for a case. I’ll be sending him a picture via the email addy on his card when I get my case…SUCKAAAAAAAA!!!!!!

Thanksgiving is right around the corner!! I am excited. Several stores have seemingly skipped right over Thanksgiving with their decorations etc. and did Halloween and now Christmas. I have this thing about having new plates every year – dont’ ask. I need to go find me 4 plates, so I can feel like I’m enjoying my holiday. I also will be making stuffing cups again – that was a hit last year.

Natural Hair Update: Going well, going well. I am finding that because my hair is soft, I need a bit of ‘dirt/oil etc. to accumulate before it really starts to look good. I am thinking (if the money allows) that I might want to get some sorta braided style. I haven’t had them in 100 years, but it would last me awhile, my friend got twists and they looked ultra cute. I did some Miss Jessie this go round after washing and conditioning with some of the carrot products and I do like the curl pattern I achieved. I was LOVING my ‘puff’ but currently I am just rocking my hair scrunched and pulled all over my head. I still think I need a rinse of color to brighten my face. I probably have enough hair straightened to pull up for a fake pony. I expect by the summer I should have a TON of hair…YAYYYYY!!!!

So you got you what you wanted all along? I can’t even hate, lol lol go for it!! As long as you’re alive there’s time to be happy!!

Every once in awhile I have to be out here in the world by myself to remember that I can do thing myself. I’ve gotten quite spoiled by my husband. Everyone has a ‘marriage contract’ that isn’t spoken about at the ceremony. That contract is what makes ya’ll tick and how ya’ll ‘are’ in the relationship. I am a spoiled spoiled whiney clutchy little girl in our relationship and I need him to do all kinds of stuff for me. He likes coming to my rescue it works for us. So sometimes I have to just reclaim my adulthood and get out here or I’d forget how to drive to the store, lol lol lol

I believe Raz-B and I pray he gets some help and that he does come on Oprah on November 5th and begin the healing process.

I spoke to my Brother the other day. I told him it was good speaking with him. I meant it.

One day I’m going to replenish my liquor cabinet. I am still sipping off of booze I got on my HONEYMOON CRUISE, lol lol lol

I really need four people to stretch my body end to end – I’m too short to stretch as far as I’d like, lol lol lol lol

2011 is right around the corner – I see big things for the Prices and the completion of alot of new and exciting sides of Pamela as well!!


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One response to “Strraight From The Dome

  1. NikkiFree ⋅

    Girl, everybody knows you are VERY MUCH SPOKEN FOR. To even try to flirt with you would be an insult to your man.

    New clothes, huh. Well, they say shopping IS therapeautic. You deserve it. Always bargains out there in women’s clothes anyway. You talking abt clothes falling off you. All I can think abt is mine getting tighter. I’m abt to delete a ton of my pics from FB. It’s like looking at progressive weight gain. As soon as my laptop is repaired and I know all of my pics are saved on it, that is. Gotta get my exercise on….NOW!!!

    Homecoming was fun. Tends to get me in trouble. Fortunately, stayed the course. lol

    Happy BDAY to the teenager. :^)

    Don’t mention Thanksgivng. I’m not ready for it yet. Too much to doo before it gets here.

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