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Thoughts Swimming Around in my Afro Puff

I rock rough and tough with my afro puff, HEY rock on with yo bad self! How ya’ll be? Since I decided to only write when the spirit moves me, makes it much more authenic for me, it’s time to get some of this stuff off of my mind – it’s so random, lol

I’ve discovered that letting my relaxer run it’s course is not about me loving my hair, it turned out to be a lesson in loving myself. I’m finding that I might have still had some issues with the way I (gasp) look. I can admit I’ve always wanted to be fine, cute is good and all but I wanted that banging body dripping off that 5’6 frame, lol lol I wanted a booty that peeked out from under tshirts etc. cause it was sooo off tha chain, and if I’m keeping it real – I wanted definite confirmation that I was attractive. I didn’t want to wait till someone ‘got to know me’ before they discovered just how beautiful I was. It’s been a process, the first one being loving the eyes I’ve been giving which require glasses. The whole glasses thing like to took me out for so many years. Now I found this pair that I’ve been rocking for a couple years now and I like them and I like me in them!! I’m having issues finding the correct contacts and for some reason my place of works lighting gives me a headache when I wear them, so I’ve had to learn and accept that glasses are where I’m at. Now it was about the world of hair. I so enjoy doing all the wacky things that I do to my hair, but I just am not the kinda woman that wants to spend so much time in the hairdresser. I did it, and it is hours I can’t get back. So now I am rocking my hair straight from the dome and finding it to be quite the cuteness. It’s quite versatile because GASP just doing nothing makes it great, lol Do I have pieces to add to my hair – of course – just adds to the fun. I’ve gotten more compliments than I’ve had in awhile on my current look from the neck up. Lawd can I work on the neck down!!

I also am liking it because it adds texture to my social circle. I looked at a picture of me and my girls the other day and we were rocking three different looks but they were all connected and the landscape just looked good. That’s the beauty of black women – we are so diverse and so far reaching in our fabulousness that 100 of us can come together and your eyes are NEVER tired!!

I know folks got issues, but I have been enjoying each and every issue of Essence Magazine and look forward to receiving it. I also have been checking out Ebony and they might get my money after soo many years. I just want them to stop asking you to renew after you get 1 issue, lol lol They kill me with that.

So the question of the day is whether or not Willow Smith is too young to be famous? Well if she came from parents who were broke and just experiencing money, or parents who did not have dreams/goals/aspirations of their on in the here and now and no solid home/upbringing maybe. However, this is not the case with her. I’ve always said – what makes celebrity (and money) so interesting is the fact that no matter how hard we try, we will never understand the science to it. You really have to be in that scene. I think Willow will be fine.

Oh K-ci and Jo Jo, that was like Intervention, Hoarders, and Monsters Inside me all rolled into one. AJ Johnson was soo random, however, K-ci was hilarious with the Baby Boy references, lol

Well the conversation with my mom didn’t go well. Yet I kept it moving because what I do know is that there are definite visuals that one can see if you look inside the window, I see it and it saddens me, therefore I have to keep sitting around the fireplace laughing and joking while drinking some hot chocolate where I LIVE. We’ve spoken since the storm came and beat me the hell up and I’ve not giving one inch of myself to the negative and I’ve slept every night. Whatever the outcome is, I stood my ground and that’s what counts to me.

Hella Random – The Corner Bakery is calling me on a daily basis!! Lawd that soup is good. I don’t answer alot but I do listen to the message over and over again, lol lol lol

I wish it were my birthday already!! I got BIG plans!!

Well whatever else I was thinking about, I can’t remember so I won’t take up anymore of your time. If I think about it, you will hear from me.


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