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Hello Freaking World!!

As I was walking down the street this morning, listening to The Jacksons sing “Walk This Way” day dreaming about Jackie giving me so much I could feel with his fine ass – I really just felt like yelling I’m One Happy Broad!! 

I have been in all kinds of  complex feeling situations, but Happiness has been a constant for awhile now.  I mean, stress has taken a seat at the table, worry insists on stepping in the shower with me and annoyance likes to get up under my left breast and chill – but HAPPINESS has wrapped itself around me like a fine fur (a real one!).

So in the midst of being so damn happy, I thought about some other things (ya’ll know I do)


How can some parents co-sign and friend up with their kids on Facebook when they are acting a plum fool and not say anything?  Doesn’t this stuff come up in your feed? Can we not say anything to our children anymore about their behavior – just because it’s on the internet?  You know yo Momma & Daddy on your page – what’s up with that? (which is why I don’t do kids – I’ve seen some stuff from my own family that I’ve had to just step away – cause you know you can’t say anything to anybody about their kids anymore) I would hope that if someone sees something in appropriate coming out of my child’s fingertips and/or self portraits – they would alert me.  Then again, I haven’t alerted plenty of folks, so who knows.

The next time a lunatic steps to you professing his love and his dick size, Please go into the nearest store to a cashier for assistance.  High Pitch Girl Squealing in horror apparently doesn’t work at that mall – WTF?!

I’ve professed broke for so long, I’m not sure if I even am, lol lol lol lol  Always take me seriously – but life is fine in these parts. 

Pandora’s collection under the Disney Station will get me fired because I must stand up and sing at the top of my lungs!!!!

I’m still trying to figure out IF I could sing – exactly whose voice would I have, lol lol I haven’t figured out Reggie’s either.

Interesting enough, “Waiting to Exhale” had a scenario that touched me so deep because it reminded me of my former flame/friend and current number one asshole Mobetta.  In beginning “Getting to Happy” I was looking forward to see what happened with that and lo and behold the story turned out to be in the same room as my personal situation turned out.  LAWD!! However, the book gave me something that I needed.  Terry – that letter closed some chapters in my life and I appreciate you for giving him wayyy more balls than the lying can’t find his balls cause his wife took em and then shover her hand up his ass so now he’s a puppet of a man motherfucker I know (ok, I need to let it go).

The hubby and I can admit that sometimes, in our alone time, we cry because we are so in love with one another……..

I suddenly find myself having a hard time watching a movie at home unless it’s on TV.  I have the same DVD’s sitting on top of the TV.  My media ADD is definitely in full effect, lol lol 

It’s sad to say but if Facebook and what not had of been out back in the day – I probably would be a recovering hoe, lol lol 

The teenager did a belly dance for me and blew me away.  I am so humbled that her genetic make up is all I’ve wanted mine to be.

Speaking of I thought I saw her Father on the Train the other day – (the first time I saw him before was on NY Transit go figure) He just looked at me and smiled.  I expect to see him more during Senior Year – I am really wondering why all my people are checking in lately………..

I want to sneak and try on some booty pads – I just wanna see what they look like – Don’t Judge Me, lol lol lol

I’ve started back watching Porn sometimes – The last stuff I personally have folks were rocking Jerri Curls, lol  I still say Black Folks should have been banned from having modern technology – reuse the signs from Segegration – I don’t care.  Good Lawd!!

I am still trying to figure out why the hell I can’t sleep well consistently in that freaking apartment!!  Maybe my spirit is just too big for those walls. I don’t know.  I am teaching myself to just fall asleep when/where ever.  .

If the MWC had a show – would you watch/listen?


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Lover of MJ, Mother of College Girl, Atlanta living participant of the bigger picture. Always ready for my closeup.

2 responses to “Hello Freaking World!!

  1. Sonya Coggins ⋅

    Pam, you are too funny! As always, I enjoyed your blog posting. I had been wondering when you were going to post again. I love…..”but HAPPINESS has wrapped itself around me like a fine fur (a real one!).” and…”The hubby and I can admit that sometimes, in our alone time, we cry because we are so in love with one another.” Just beautiful Pam. Just beautiful….

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