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The Hoarding in my Mind

I wonder what Michael Jacksons feet looked like? Were they perfect? Were they damned to hell like say my husbands feet? Just wondering…..

I am still getting over Vula and her nasty ass from Hoarders – I am still getting over Vula!!

So apparently as part of his true self – it included morphing into a valley girl, really Jonathan Plummer? really? Is that authenic? Makes me really want to spend a year in London so I can talk like Tina Turner.

However, Terry McMillian helped me tremendously learn the lesson about some things/people belong in the space they were in – bringing them along with you for the ride just maybe setting yourself up for going over your life weight requirement. Oh and Facebook CERTAINLY taught me that.

I still am trying to figure out (not so much anymore) what exactly I did to a person. There’s life goes on and then there’s you got some feelings about something. Probably will never know and as they days and years go by – starting to not really care.

Um, do Willow and Jaden go to school?

I was contemplating what super hero I wanted to be while watching No Ordinary Family and I actually couldn’t come up with one. Probably because I have villian tendacies, lol lol

I find myself a bit disturbed yet aroused by the fact my husband has those work out pants Eddie Long has and has sent me pictures to prove it (lol) – this confirms to me how anyone would feel if they received these pictures.

There are four (maybe more) young men who are currently in pain and they can’t go to their Pastor for help – I won’t forget them, because truth or lie – they are in pain in their lives.

Am I the only one who put Coming to America on their netflix or got it off the DVD shelf lately?

I’ve been having a slow slow start to the week, probably the weather change, but I’m starting to come back to life and should be ready to totally die by payday on Friday.

My inspirational song of the moment (and has been for awhile) is Cover Girl by RuPaul. I have to play that song to lift my shoulders, straighten my back and I will play it until I am ‘walking’ at that point I’m ready to conquer the world.

There was this period of time when the teenager cost me the bare minimum – well her costs are on the uptick!!!! She is killing me!!!

I think I will just set up a class table at the tail gating and they will come – Sometimes you gotta grab the Bull Dog by the spiked collar!!

My current visual of me and my siblings are lots of live wires thrashing around creating our own energy and sometimes we connect and power off of each other, sometimes negatively and sometimes positively. I ran smack dab into my youngest Brother the other day and it was quite a beautiful light across the skyline.

I’ve gotten more compliments than I expected (I expected none) on the current state of my coif. I can admit that sometimes I ‘feel’ imaginary or real this pressure to conform. I have to move on my own intuition and continue to grow up in my own way. I didn’t budget any weave hair in this pay period – we’ll see about next period.

I’m walking around in this world a little bit plump, a little bit nappy and a little bit blind and feeling good about it – ya’ll don’t even know the journey to get to this point in my life!!!!!

I had this realization recently that I am about to be 45 years old. It’s like when your fat mind finally merges with your thin self. That whole realization is a shocker and could be enormously depressing if I were to let it.

I have been reading a blog where a sister has taken control of her diet etc. and has lost a great amount of weight. She posts her daily eating and I just can’t wrap my mind around the fact that (1) she’s really gonna be satisfied with that level of blandness and repetitiveness and that (2) why she isn’t on her knees hungry. However, if I don’t get some type of understanding about what I need to do, I’m about ot be in for a big surprise – if the disease doesn’t kill me the hour long speeches from my loved ones will!!!


This crisp air does get me in the mood to cook though. It’s stew, soup and stoup time!!!!

I”m leaning towards skipping the Halloween party and staying to celebrate BTW Homecoming all the way through. They keep falling on the same date and I went to the party last year so this year should be about homecoming.

Sometimes I miss the big chair at my BFF’s house from back in the day.

My dream house must include an professional grade ice maker!! No Tub – folks kill me on HGTV crying about a tub, who takes a sit down bath? I want a 2 person shower. I must have my own office space with one wall floor to ceiling glass cases for my MJ collection and no more than a patch of grass – not really necessary.

Scrapbooking has been a wonderful outlet for my creativity. I was in a creative drought for a minute and this certainly brought it out of me. Surprisingly, I look at my books at least twice a week for my own personal enjoyment. Upcoming projects include: MWC Season Four, My wedding, My honeymoon, College, completion of the MJ book. These are definite – then I have to see what other direction I’d like to go in and what will be my new subject. I might/might/might begin the teenager book – if for no other reason than I want to work with the supplies, embellisments etc. that come with a project about your child. I also might do my autobiography – that would be quite an interesting piece and quite intriguing to me as I tell my story the way I see it. hmmmmm – rolling that around in my head.

I am sooo concerned about the fact that You Know You Dead Azz Wrong can make it to 9249 posts and see no end in sight. We gotta do better my people!! We gotta do better!!

I eagerly anticipate the moment when I see with my own eyes someone who has put on a lacefront and then pulled it back in a pony tail against the track. I need to get to the Walmart on Covington and Glenwood STAT – cause I got a feeling, it’s lurking there.

I need to see about getting this child her own laptop – I’d like mine back!!!!

I have some other topics trolling around in my head when they are ready – I will spit them out.


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