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Scoops of my Brain

Am I the only one who when watching shows about any of the native tribes, wonder about the whole Feminine Hygiene issue? I know about how they take care of it, but I want to see it some kinda way. You know, the women of (pick a bush) – are out gathering the sacred xyz plant. This plant will be boiled and rolled and used as a tampon. Can we get some enlightenment about that subject. As well as, if you living in a hut with your entire family – do you just roll over and begin to have sex all in the open? Does it even mean and/or feel the same way as it supposedly does to us. Just a few questions?

Is it wrong that I am not feeling ‘in the mood’ to go out of town for Thanksgiving. First of all, I never do but more importantly – it’s the only time where we get to decorate and celebrate (The Indians) and I enjoy being in a hostess mode. Doing my tablescapes, shopping and cooking for my family and being the Ultimate homemaker during that time and traveling means I’ll be relegated to Kitchen helper and I don’t want that role. Let’s not also forget – my money is squirrely, lol So I actually let that be known and they might be coming here – but we’ll see about that also, cause everybody money is squirrely.

Why didn’t someone tell me nude africa now has video, lol lol lol lol Don’t Judge Me, lol lol lol

I walked pass a mirror this morning and was taken aback at the fact my hair was looking good, lol lol I say all that to say – the humidity affects weave as well, lol Humidity dead – Weave Alive!!!!!!

The teenager is starting to irk me with all her ‘issues’. I’m beginning to irk me with the fact that I keep trying to be accommodating with this brand this and this outfit and this trip and this right here – um my fallopian tube is locking up – GET OFF OF IT CHILD!!!!

On the flip side – I was thinking about the fact that (according to me) if you are having to strongly parent your child when they get this age, there was a hiccup back in the day. At this point, it’s about turning the wheel gently to the left or to the right because they should have all the information they need to drive.

I went and got my eye brows threaded this weekend and I almost punched that broad. My face is just sensitive and all of it waxing, plucking, threading hurts like I don’t know what. I do think I am going back to the Asians though – it’s not about procedure, it’s about follow up. The Indians do a good job threading and it can look hot if you have a great natural hairline. However, they don’t do that extra to give em that fly shape that the Asians do. I’m glad I got it done though cause it opened back up my face GEESH! I gotta stop letting the one beauty procedure I get done go by the wayside.

Tyrese it seems got some folks panties in a bunch when he was grilling La La last night on her show. We all should wish we had a male to just lay it out to us like that. She does need to get her some married friends cause no matter how long you dating, marriage is a shift. I can’t necessarily tell you what that shift is but I just know it’s different than when we were dating, Maybe it’s about the shift in the agreement. The dating agreement even if you live together and have kids is different. I’ve been through my fair share of sets of ‘friends’. I put myself around the group of people that I wanted to be like – which were all MARRIED, then I got married and didn’t even realize there was another door that I needed to pass through. I am in the club dammit!! and I like the exclusivity. Just keeping it real.

I was thinking that I might be in need of an older Sister in my life. Ya’ll might not know it, but I am the oldest out of my crew and not like by 2 years but several years. However, sometimes I do wish I had someone older to you know exchange ideas and life lessons etc. I’m trying out someone right now – we’ll see, cause age doesn’t necessarily mean wisdom.

Another feeling some kinda way moment – I really think the MWC should remain the size it currently is (3) – it just works.

Someone in Georgia – Mabellton to be exact, hit the powerball as a sole winner clocking in 113 million. I’ve got my eye out (the lottery is right downstairs) to see who that might be. Man I can’t even wrap my mind around the fact what if that was me, lol lol I do know I’d probably be naked and grinning this morning! Something about that just makes me feel like you should begin celebrating naked!!

Someone asked me if all of my Facebook friends were black and if that was by design. Interesting. I can’t say it’s by design because quite frankly, I’ve never had white friends. I don’t count work folk – when I make out a list of a party or activity I want to invite people too, the list is 100% Black. My facebook is 99% people of color. the 1% is Rupaul’s Drag Race contestants, lol lol However on the personal side of the house – it’s 100% black. I’ve never been inspired to befriend a white woman on a personal level. Outside of the Sex and the City Crew – I don’t even know how their friendships work, lol When I sit around the table with my girls – our convo/our thoughts/dreams/prayers/stresses are just so different than what I have heard from the other side. My life is chocolate – that’s just the way it is.

I wonder what it feels like when you find out that your nemsis is the daughter of someone you have just expounded great like and respect for? That much pinch, ROTFL ROTFL ROTFL.

Last but not least – I had a dream that my entire family got together for Thanksgiving, then the dream shook me awake because the whole house exploded! Lawd Have Mercy!  I don’t even want to know what that means, lol


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One response to “Scoops of my Brain

  1. NikkiFree ⋅

    I absolutely /love Thanksgiving. You mentioned the Indians. Sometimes I’m not sure how I feel abt them. since doing genealogy research. The research forces you to learn American history as you go so you can put pieces of time together. Why am I weird abt them? Half of them had our people as slaves. The other half was sleeping with our people (consensually) or helping to hide us from the white man. So, I guess it’s half a side-eye. LOL! They did get jobbed by the white man ultimately. Anyway, I love Thanksgiving because our family always has a HUGE get together. We eat, pray, sing, dance. Put on a talent show. It’s just a joyous time to share family love and give thanks to God for the blessings you do have. Generosity to others is emphasized as well.

    Nude Africa? I thought that’s what National Geographic was for. LOL!

    Gonna be getting my eyebrows threaded on friday. It does hurt but I like it better than the waxing and razors. I go to Southlake Mall and get it done. Soooo late. Like you said, everybody money is squirrelly right now. Still, gotta keep it up….and do better abt keeping it up. Had the sis do an emergency job last week. I think I will check out a chick flick on friday as well after the brow threading.

    MWC (3) …(In my best Schoolhouse Rock voice) “3!That’s a magic number!”

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