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Cause I Need A Vacancy In My Mind

I’d like to thank President Obama for forcing the banks to get it together with the ‘fees’ Some of us (me) can’t handle the whole “We got you – at a cost” thing, I need to be told STOP!!

For Sisters Only needs to be repackaged and revamped. It will be 20 years next year and some of us have also moved along in time. There is really nothing to appeal to the Black woman 35 and older. Exactly what happened to the whole bridal and wedding section? Can we get some better health booths and not just screening? Can we have a more sophicated hair section, that whole throwing hair off the stage is so not appealing! I like to be a bit more discreet about my freaking 1B, thank you!

I appreciate the Africans being do for selfers, but what I don’t appreciate is the fact that their ‘ware’ has totally taken over any event where you can have a booth!!! 15 pocketbook, shea butter and cell phone case booths really take away from the marketplace and the variety you expect to see. Sweet Auburn is a perfect example. ESPECIALLY when they don’t support the event – just come to make money. Their women are not at these events purchasing from vendors etc.

The best line from the Ebony article on El Debarge “Sometimes the inmates would ask me to sing them to sleep” D-E-A-D!! However, you talking about being highly favored, God was definitely watching out for him – when he wasn’t watching out for himself. So far the best Redemption tale I’ve heard in a while. I now pray that he is able to stay clean. It’s hard – it’s so hard and there are soo many folks that wait anticipating your demise. He says he has a good team around him (obviously look at the way his comeback is taking place). Let’s pray for this Brother.

My heart leapt with joy when I saw the commerical for K-Ci and Jo Jo’s reality show! I need to set my DVR NOW!

I am not a purchaser of big things but I love my little things and that budget is shrinking quickly.

I need to see about being a Navi for Halloween – let me go to Party City, they should be set up by now.

God has blessed us to have another year with Sister Jewell, make it freaking count!!

Exactly why does MTV even have music award shows – are they even relevant? Who wants to get up at 5am to see them play….gasp MUSIC, lol

There is something so sad when good men get their balls cut off by insecure women.

I have no shame in the fact I am counting down till Saturday, just so the teenager and I can go to the Indian Buffet..again.

I think I am beginning to be tired of not being….fit. I’m not all that fat anymore, so I should want to be able to be active and not get winded. We have a gym in our complex. The Hubby is getting his Vin Diesel on. I need to stop playing.

I still want an Ipad. So WHAT I have an iphone, lol

I need to try out this sister I know cake pops. They might be super cute for the Teenagers Birthday. I need to get with her on that.

Exactly why can’t we make an appt to go get a shot to go into menopause when we’ve finished having children?! Why must I suffer for several more years with the inconvenience of ‘Aunt Flo’?

How did I let my eyebrows grow all the way back in – DAYUM this is gonna hurt!

I was thinking about my ‘dream house’ the other day and realized that I will always need some kinda big space cause the hubby and I need our own office space, the children need to always have a room at my home and I need a guest room. Does Atlantic Station have that kinda room for a sista?

On my fifth anniversary I want 5 carats – someone please inform my Husband, lol

I am thinking about getting a ‘rinse’ of some color in my natural, so when it is in the spotlight – it is repping well. Solange’s hair is my go to at the moment. Next time I really might take my hair texture kinkier. They sell afro weave hair – don’t sleep. Grow your hair up quickly.

If you were to quiz me on folks phone numbers, I would fail miserably, my phone is like the pictures menu at McDonalds – I just press your picture and dial you up, lol

I’m trying to figure out why I stopped decorating like I used to – maybe because I decided to start living and not building this nice crypt to spend all my time.

I’m not sure if I am feeling the whole “Bitchie” movement. I understand that’s the brand, but are we really still taking pride in various forms and made up definitions of the word Bitch? Selling Tshirts to young women to run around with it on their chest? Interesting.

I can’t remember For Colored Girls…and that might be a good thing as Tyler rolls it out this November.

Interesting – I don’t have any friends older than me (thinking thinking). I might need to get me a sister in her late 40’s early 50’s to mentor me as I get in the stretch.

OH and finally – I still think a concert with El Debarge, Christopher Williams and Al B Sure!! Would ROCK!! Call it what it is The Bringing Lightskin Back Tour – have it in realistic venues and let me get mines on!!!



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One response to “Cause I Need A Vacancy In My Mind

  1. NikkFree ⋅

    You know..I didn’t really think abt it. All those booths we saw at FSO as well as when you go out to a flea market or something. Those Africans are not supporting the cause or even buying from their own. just African-Americans keeping them in business.

    It seemed like half the booths were for weaves, some startup production company. I was very disappointed in the lack of variety of art. There used to be TONS of art like you were at the Atlanta Arts Festival. Coming to see El and Al—even a glimpse at Fantasia out of curiousity—-made up for the shortfalls of the booths.

    Indian buffet with the teenager. You gotta grab those moments of bonding with our teens while we can. They will be doing their own thing soon enough.

    The gym. Just get on the treadmill. You don’t even have to do all that other stuff. The time seems to go so much faster when you’re watching tv or on the ‘net on your phone or reading while on the treadmill. wish I had a gym at my disposal. I refuse to exercise out in the elements. I hate aerobics. I have no treadmill. Wish I did. :^(

    I find it odd the MTV still has video music awards when hardly ever show videos anymore. Just a bunch of other crap.

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