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Wow On Me & My Ramblings

I wonder if anyone has ever mentioned that they ‘know’ she basically has three outfits PERIOD!  She ought to have a show on how to mix and match six items of clothing,lol lol  I guess I’m more concerned with whether she has 3 sets of underwear as well.

When that negro did that move and fell clean out the bed – it was what I love most about my life, lol lol I’m STILL laughing.

The woman on the train today was just so too old for her entire presence.  Folks were looking at her.

Why can’t I gather my skirt enough to sit on the train without my bare behind getting frozen from the cold seat?!

I wonder just how scarred my child is from me and her step daddy’s shenanigans, lol  Well at least we ain’t fighting, lol lol

Today marks the first day on the new plantation permanently – let’s see how that works out. 

I really don’t see what me wearing jeans has to do with my productivity. 

There’s a great sadness wrapped around the concept that in order for us to have lively conversation it must revolve around DRAMA.  If it doesn’t there is a combativeness element of “ok yea your life is you” and “that’s cool but let me tell you about MY life”  The issue – neither one of us is actually quite interested, lol

Having bumped down my social calendar to two events a pay period – I like the way I am flittering around.  However, the $20 limit is KILLING ME!!

Yes I did ask my husband a question about relating to my Ex’s and he answered – This is who I need to be with.

Speaking of , I have thoughts that just because you are with the person you need to be with, you might not be with the person that you should be with.  If you get the two of  those together consider yourself extremely lucky.

I chuckled the other day at the notion someone who I have never spent even 1 hour with feels as if they know me well enough to advise my child on how I might react to something.  Amazing.

If I could take a Derek Blanks alter ego picture – I wonder what my real persona would be cause I got plenty of fantasy ones, lol

I have lost about 35 pounds since I got married and have kept it off.  I flirt with the notion that I’d like to get to 50 pounds, but that might require GASP exercise and I’m just not ready.

I wrote like 3 deep Blog entries and left them on my home computer – DRATS!

Not internetting in the evening is not as hard as I thought – because actually I don’t be having shit to talk about, lol lol

I do obsess if folks have me hid, if folks come on their page and be like Damn Pam talks to much or if somewhere there’s a background conversation going on about me – I’ve always been like that – I have internet phobias, lol

Does the fruit man give me the side eye when I buy $15 worth of Muscadines?  I can’t imagine his look when he sees I eat them up in one weekend, lol lol

I just refuse to acknowledge that we need more food in the house – I got a thing about spending so much money on food but I do need to admit $100 is just not enough, lol

I feel like having me a glass of wine and perusing through my book of Male Members that I have collected throughout the years. I might even feel like adding to it.  I got some great stuff in that book!!  The Black Man is beautiful!!


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Lover of MJ, Mother of College Girl, Atlanta living participant of the bigger picture. Always ready for my closeup.

2 responses to “Wow On Me & My Ramblings

  1. Sonya Coggins ⋅

    Dang, I didn’t know people can tell when you hide them! :oO

  2. NikkFree ⋅

    The fruit man is not giving you the side eye. The fruit man is wondering where the heck you been ’cause he needs to unload that produce. It spoils really quickly.

    $100 worth of food is NOT enough. Just hard not to spend a chunk of the food money on comfort food. At least it is for me. Lately, even if I see it in the store and I want it badly, I’m trying not to bring it home. If it comes home with mee then I’m gonna eat it. How the heck did I put on weight over the summer? That DANG comfort food. I’m trying to be good again. Almost jeans weather. Gotta look good in that.

    Girl, I don’t care who hides me or unfriends me. It’s not they actually make a difference in your life.

    I truly wish I could drink wine. (It gives me horrible migraines and NO BUZZ on top of that. )

    The three outfit woman. Are she and her clothes clean? Is she handling her business or at least trying her damn best? Who knows what she’s going through. Things have gotten so bad all over. Now if you know she’s just cheap then she could at least go to the thrift store and change it up every now and then. LOL!

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