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My Face on the Book

The vibration of my phone ringing scares me to death. My first thought is who the hell is calling me. Welcome to my post Facebook world, lol lol Ahh the Facebook. What a Vanglorious creation!! Sit back and ‘re’connect with damn near everyone you’ve ever known. Day after day log in and see what folks you know are up to. With the whole world at our disposal, check in with family and friends all over the place. Man I almost peed my pants I was sooo excited!

I have been on this superhighway since the flintstone days. I had my first conversation in a closet of my home on a HUGE computer via prodigy (lol). I hopped along on every bandwagon there has been over the years. Ending up where we are now with Facebook and Twitter. This is the first time I’ve seen EVERYBODY and (gas) THEIR MOMMA getting down. I mean as soon as you set up your account there is a deludge of folks asking to be your friends.

I chose to tailor my page to people I actually know. Folks who I have dealt with in some form or fashion. I was coming from a Discussion group world and had grown tired of the constant back and forth about folks thoughts. Who are you to decide what I want to think is wrong? Why must we have an opinon about every damn thing? Geesh! So this was a nice alternative. My perspective on my page about me, lol lol Perfect set up for someone whose personality blossoms on the stage.

Fast forward to now. Facebook has become the most addicting thing I’ve ever encountered. The ability to be in real time with real folks ALL THE TIME has become a task I have taken on whole heartly. It’s like you can no longer live life without making sure folks know about it. I have sat in a room full of folks like an addict – phones out recording an event for them to see that they actually are at. A memory I have is at the Jill Scott concert, as we waited for it to begin – when I tell you the whole stadium was on their phone – please believe it, lol lol

Lately though like alot of drugs, it’s beginning to take more and more to satisfy me and I’ve begun to question things. Thoughts have been arising in my head about Facebook, Social ‘networking’ and the damage it might be doing. I can say it has done some damage to me if for no other reason than it’s made me NOT want to be social and I remember someone saying that it has taken the element of living and enjoying the moment in the moment out of alot of things in my life. Just some thoughts from my perspective on my own Facebooking.

  • I’m not sure I want to know and keep up with eveyone that I’ve ever known. Some people, places, things need to stay in the space they were allotted.
  • Facebook will not bring your family together – that has to be developed up front
  • Conversations with all these people is a very rare occurance
  • You really can be surprised at how folks you used to know are now…might not be what you were expecting.
  • There’s a level of paranoia that can be associated with FB after a while – who’s hiding you?, who’s sitting behind their computer talking about you because you both know what you are quoting is pure bullshit
  • There are soo many ways to take sly digs at people
  • Just because we were in the same building at the same event etc. we might not know each other
  • I don’t know HALF of the folks I have saved to my friends list from BTW – I really lived in a selfish fog then, lol
  • The private inbox feature can hold a multitude of backstage drama
  • If this is about being social – tell me something about yourself, your day to day etc.
  • I have effectively forgotten most phone numbers and really don’t want you calling me – I’ll see what you up to on the book
  • My marriage has two mistresses their names are iphone and blackberry and they are CHEATING on us with Facebook
  • “Hey do that again I wanna put it on facebook” is a more frequent conversation than I’d like to admit
  • I only have 199 people on my newsfeed and I probably need only about 10
  • I actually get upset when I friend someone and they give me NOTHING from their page – what did you join for?
  • I am envious of folks who can come on only once a week
  • Facebook has sucked long thoughts clear out of my head
  • Facebook has me thinking wayy to much about the struture of my day – my day has become timetabled for the benefit of Facebook
  • Some folks I really am trying to figure out what we have in common
  • All of a sudden the worth of a relationship is determined and maintained on facebook instead of real life
  • I will hang up the phone because I prefer to just type to you
  • I wish facebook had room for deeper, darker thoughts that I can’t express because I KNOW everyone on the damn thing personally
  • As open as I am – I don’t think I can really be my full self on facebook cause then I might lose some friends
  • Why folks gotta hide significant things in their lives like they got a man, they have kids, they have troubles etc.
  • I might be getting ready to hide all of the First Tabernacle Facebook Church of God folk – it’s really clogging my pores
  • There are maybe 4 people that intrigue me as much as I might intrigue others – to me they facebook honestly (leaving out my 2 Besties & Hubby)

There are probably some more but the biggest one is – I might be becoming bored with facebook. Will I get off? Nah, I do still love it – I’ve just begun adding things to it to make it enjoyable to me, like blogging and I might start adding ‘strangers’ so that I can see some new faces, ideas and lives. There has been ALOT of positivity for me. I mean alot – but when you are on something day in and day out it begins to affect you. I’m sure, no I’m POSITIVE that I am in that group that folks shake their head because I am a PLATINUM USER of the medium – and I’ve been clogging up folks pages for over a year now – you probably know way more about my life than you cared to know, yet like myself, am intrigued at the inner workings. We joke and laugh about Facebook being the ‘debil’ but sometimes late at night when I can’t sleep and feel compelled to just see who ‘up’ – I feel the flames leaping at my feet – I feel the flames leaping at my feet.


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One response to “My Face on the Book

  1. NikkFree ⋅

    I’m starting to feel like there’s not many things I feel free to discuss except sports and entertainment. Outside of that, I have to double- and triple-check what I post before I post it because it may be more info than I am willing to share abt myself with the world wide web. I’ve even second-guessed the photos. Social networking is taking over!!! LOL!

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