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Thoughts After Karrine…….

I watched TV-One’s Life After with Karrine Supahead.  I read her first book, because like most of us – we nosey as hell and she was naming names.  It went in a brain cell and came out, but she kept coming and now has built herself a career from it.  After watching the show stuff started bubbling in my head and her is the Orgasm it produced, lol

Casting a Net Wider Than My Legs Can Open

There’s a lot of pressure in the world to be sexual. Sexual fulfillment is one of the basest actions that we have as a human and the only thing that separates us from a mere animal is that (1) we have sex face to face and (2) we have a higher brain capacity to think of circumstances. Otherwise, we pretty much are moving on impulse in that area. Sex is EVERYWHERE! You can’t escape it and I’m not talking about children – I’m talking about ADULTS. There is an undercurrent that if you are not being sexual, you are not being adult and real and relative, lol lol Can you believe that shit?! Grown up’s are putting pressure on other grown up’s about their sexuality. You either wit it or you square.

What about if you are trying to live your life in a broader scale than just your genitalia. What if you are still in control of your ‘urges’ like it was intended so that you can make wider choices and make your journey be about the total experience than the one that happened behind closed doors? What if the ability to be able to speak positively outweighs the need to orgasm? What if you are just not a follower?

Numbers or Quality

Hmm it is my understanding that the act of copulation goes as follows: the male penis becomes engorged with blood, making it become stiff for insertion into the female vagina which becomes lubricated to ease insertion. The male moves up and down to create friction which is needed for him to climax, thus releasing sperm for their journey up the vaginal tunnel thru the cervix to it’s destination the egg. A female climax which is a set, timed number of vaginal contractions helps move these sperm towards their destination, but is not necessary for the sperm to reach it’s goal.

Now that we got that out of the way – let’s expound. Humans no longer have sex just for procreation; we have sex for recreation and being curious creatures, we’ve add a whole arsenal of ‘things’ to do that differ from that basic function and move above. However that move is ALWAYS included in the mix. We also use methods to kill, maim and eliminate that little procreation function, thus freeing us up to try the other stuff. Questions like “I wonder if I put my mouth on his penis what it would feel like?” “I wonder if I insert something in the ass, will that produce a response?” are all things that make us humans ‘special’.

So now let’s be really real, exactly how many different things can you do before you are repeating and once we find something we like, don’t we tend to stick to that, lol. So exactly how many people does it take to come to an understanding about what you like and how you like it done? There’s a common belief that more equals better, I agree to that, but more shouldn’t have to mean MORE PEOPLE. The activity of sex itself is what can hone a person to be so-called good (because if there was EVER a relative thought process it’s about who is good at sex. You are only as good as the very last persons critique of you and those critiques whether good or bad are not up for discussion with others and can be manipulated to suit your own personal need for validation – YOU tell the story to your next person – they don’t).

Exactly how different can one person be from another that you need to engage in sex with a whole heap of people in order to ‘get it right’. Shouldn’t it be about at minimum tweaking, and shouldn’t at some stage CONVERSATION, put you on the right path to fulfilling your partners needs. Is there a time (especially as a female) that “I sucked 150 dicks might not sound so good” or “I got up in 300 women” just not fly. If you have to keep trying on others to figure out what you’re doing – doesn’t that say more about you than them. The ability to please one person good should outweigh the ability to screw many. Shouldn’t your journey be about bringing it in tighter as opposed to spreading it around thinly? Is everyone worthy of your dick/coochie? Do you always step away feeling worthy?

Post Script: I know I know lots of rhetorical questions, but sometimes I just wanna think aloud.


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One response to “Thoughts After Karrine…….

  1. NikkFree ⋅

    Um…I think I need a cigarette now. LOL!
    You know guys like variety. My pet peeve is when they throw biology and religion in it. “It’s not natural for a man to be with one woman” or “read The Book. All the men had multiple wives”. Here’s theother one. “The men have multiple wives in Africa”. Funny…yet somehow not funny.

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