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There’s A Meeting In The Ladies Room

Yeserday, in spite of a throbbing headache and what I now know was the beginnings of Summer Cold Part 2, I had to sit in a meeting.  I couldn’t concentrate, but for some reason this presented an off the wall blog opportunity.  I decided to just jot down everything that was on my mind while this meeting was taking place, since obviously I wasn’t thinking about the meeting.

I need intervention, lol lol

  • Exactly when did my name become Heat and/or Cold Miser?!
  • If you have a lot of back fat – can you lay comfortably on your back
  • Did anyone have a booty call?
  • Is anyones dick hard at this table right now?
  • I thought I was in the movie Ground Hog Day this morning – since the same show I looked at last night was on this morning in the same spot I fell asleep on.
  • I actually wouldn’t mind if my dress accidently flew up over my head on the street grate, lol
  • Do keebler dick have any ‘wow’ factor about it?
  • What is everyone else thinking about?
  • Who thought up note taking when people are speaking in real time – they need to be shot!
  • Where does all the wasted food go?
  • Who is doing kegals like me?
  • Who had phone sex last nite?
  • Did anyone do anything nasty in this food?
  • Why are there never any black men?
  • Is an all black attendee meeting ghetto?
  • Has anyone missed me online?
  • Why is the only thing that taste good to me lately fruit?
  • Gotta watch my netflix movies this weekend
  • I fantasize about lining up like 100 fine black men naked and just walking up and down looking, lol
  • If I slide a powerpoint of slavery in the mix would anyone notice?
  • So tired of being broke!
  • Hope there is no traffic – I’m not in the mood
  • Whoever made control top pantyhose needs to wear them for a da
  • Oh dear Lord don’t let me fall asleep
  • Humming….”There goes my baby”
  • Frank Ski gets on my damn nerves!  I want Ryan Cameron all day long.
  • With all the stuff I NEED to be thinking about – vacations for next year is what I AM thinking about
  • Why is my income tax for next year already spent?
  • Do they still sell electric blankets? I need 2
  • Cats have HIV – damn!
  • Am I only cute… me?
  • Is assigning goodness to your sex – – arrogant and misguided? Who told you this and do you or they really believe it?
  • How come if drinks are by consumption I can’t get a damn full size glass instead of a juice sized one
  • I need some hair sheen, my scalp is dry
  • I want to go home and put on my PJ’s
  • Do most things need to be chucked up to WTF? And just leave it at that?
  • I need to write down these blog entry ideas I have before I forget
  • I need to read the new blogs I found
  • Gotta Remember to tear these papers up

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Lover of MJ, Mother of College Girl, Atlanta living participant of the bigger picture. Always ready for my closeup.

2 responses to “There’s A Meeting In The Ladies Room

  1. Lee ⋅

    I have done that same list during faculty meetings..maybe Ill share my random meeting thought this school year!!

  2. NikkFree ⋅

    LOL…Well, did you tear them up? My mind wonders during inservices and workshops as well. It keeps you awake at the very least.

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