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Spitting It Out

  • Once again I had to pull away from that which is the online Jackson Fan Group. Whew! I may not be right – but I’m entitled to love the man and his family the way I want to.
  • I know ya’ll didn’t think I had put Mike on the back burner – I just tucked him safely back in my pocket, but I play with him every day!!
  • I need the family to stop blaming the media for everything – if it’s soooo wrong, then right it but otherwise stop whining and complaining. It’s been established, they out to ‘get the Jackson Family’ we know.
  • No it’s not that I am ‘hatin’ on Monique – I am happy she won, good for her if that was in her life/career plan, GREAT for her if it was a total shock, there just seems to be something staining her public ‘spirit’ and ‘vibe’ that is turning me off.
  • Brooklyns Finest was good. A bit long but good. I am LOVING Don Cheadle right about now and might need to have a mini netflix movie marathon.
  • I RARELY if ever experience this one and the last time I did it was during the 60’s in Benjamin Buttons, but Richard Gere has maintained and made me look twice maybe even four times during Brooklyns Finest.
  • I am so scarred from this winter weather – but I still don’t classify this ‘warming trend’ as out the woods yet. This is white folks weather, lol I need low 80’s, light wind and reaching said 80’s before 5 o’clock in the afternoon.
  • I was piddling around what project I wanted to work on next in the land of scrapbooking, and this morning while watching the 30th Anniversary Special on my iPhone – I got the signal that I needed in my heart that the next project needs to be my Michael Jackson Memory Book. I will begin working on the digital aspect this week – the actual book next week. I expect this to be interesting to say the least.
  • I wonder if the Brothers look at the 30th Anniversary to feel his spirit with the last time they all performed together as a complete set.
  • I wonder do they too see Randy push Mike a bit to hard while he sung that ignorant Down with OPP during ABC?!
  • My child will be 17 this year – SEVENTEEN
  • I am in a wonderful space of peace, I really am not stressing about anything, I can tell because my shoulders are soft, lol They get hard as a brick when I’m stressed. Thank God for that.
  • Why am I soo excited about going back to Disney this year? Just love it down there!
  • Gabby’s Dress could have used some quarter length sleeves.
  • The Hubby has yet to see Precious but it’s about to be on DVD, so I will have him sit down and see it one day when the daughter is not home cause that cussin is extreme.
  • My grandbirdies and I are getting along fine – they are great listeners and I enjoy them, good cause I will probably end up with them when their ‘mother’ goes away to school.
  • Currently my love and tolerance meters for my husband are in sync – I’s a feeling him, lol lol
  • I really want to get away with him somewhere for the weekend, but I don’t see the time right now – I need to look a bit deeper.
  • I realized I haven’t bought clothes or shoes in a minute – spring is right around the corner ( A Georgia corner which could mean months, lol) so I might go and look around.
  • I am glad I have been looking at all kinds of pictures of my life – I am intent on not rocking the same damn clothes with the same people this freaking summer, lol lol
  • Mondays should be jeans day not friday – I needed to rock them today, even if they did come off the floor.


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