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Some Mike Randomness

Good Morning!  Let it flow Let it flow

I had to ‘retire’ Mike from my public conversation recently in order to maintain my personal peace aka I was about to snap on the Facebook and decided this was a higher road to take, lol

I have been daydreaming about Mikes uncircumsized member, probably a bit more than I should.  So sue me!  How many times do we find out something of a sexual matter about him?

Horrified that the Autopsy report was released, even more horrified that I felt compelled to read it, devasated that I had to know him by his death report.

I wasn’t going to do a Mike scrapbook – I mean I have my collection – but then someone created Mike scrapbook pages and it just grew from there and now I know I need to do one – consolidate my thought process and feelings so that I can spend time with him in that book. (his brothers too).

I was able to score a whole bunch of clippings from the 70’s from such gems as Black beat, Tiger Beat, Right On! on Ebay!  Very excited because of course I had that stuff but it was lost over the years, well now it’s back!

I’m just going to let it go concerning that whole We are the world 25 for Haiti – it’s an example of what constitutes the music of today – I will more focus on how sad I am for my daughters generation, lol

I currently have 27 live concert clips on my iPhone for my enjoyment on the Rail system!  LOVE IT!  LOVE IT!

I think Janet, who is channeling her emotion, in the movie “Why did I Get Married 2” is gonna tear it up!

I sure hope the Brothers come on back for a season 2 of the Jackson Family Dynasty. Alot of folks thought it was boring and what was the point.  Hell what is the ‘point’ of most of the reality shows on TV.  I like they are not extra – I like getting to know them.

I am not over Mike’s Death yet – however, I am moving into that private area where I just enjoy ‘his’ company with my stuff.  I am at peace, but I’m not over it.


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