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It’s been 7 months already

Wow!  I can’t believe that this past 25th of January made 7 months my beloved Michael passed.  Life goes on and most folks have moved on from the event with a random magazine here, some heart felt words there and a note on their calendar, but some of us have not only struggled but are still in the throes of grieving.

I’m not sure that I’m grieving persay as much as I’m celebrating.  This whole thing has gotten me back in touch with a time period and a place in my life that I consider (as an adult cause it was HELL when I was actually there, lol) my own Neverland period.  I have liked opened this door up in life apartment and dusted off the furnishing, lit some incense and took up residence once again. I have opened up a summer home in my life, lol

What I have found interesting is that I have embraced a particular time/look/music.  I got back into the entire Jackson spectrum. Because I consider myself an OG Fan, I don’t just want to see Mike sing Bad or Billie Jean – I want some of the softer nuances that actually came with his Brother.  When he was performing for us and not to us you know?

As sometimes I spend to much time doing – I concern myself with whether I”m being extra. I mean I am 43 1/2 years old at this point and rocking Mike might seem a bit much – but then I’m like if there ever was a time when I’m doing me – this subject matter right here is it, lol

I am still picking up bits and pieces of memorbilia here and there – I am moved by certain things and I want to be different.

This stuff was on my mind because the Grammys are this weekend which means Mike will be in the building.  Man I miss that man soo!!  RIP Mike.


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