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Being Thankful

My stuff has always been to the left and this will be no exception. I don’t have to fit into some ‘formula’ for what I’m thankful for; so here yah go.

I am thankful…….

  • that my natural hair texture is only about 8-10% off from my Yaki 1B.
  • that though the body is stretched, I have no cellulite and very light stretch marks.
  • that in this country you can act a plum fool, lay low and come back
  • that I have never been duped by no dude for my paper.
  • that I was bomb enough to have to be replaced by four women in my ex’s life
  • that the following actions are not part of my life journey: incest, molestation, rape, domestic violence
  • that for some reason folks have decided I’m a good source of a lot of things.
  • that my child isn’t on a path to being on Maury trying to get pregnant on purpose
  • that there is no debtors prison
  • that my parents were militant
  • for my ability to multi-task
  • that I repositioned myself to succeed at my job, without losing myself
  • for all the restaurants in Atlanta
  • that I am wanted by most, desired by some
  • for the advancement of technology in optical care (i.e. thin glasses and contacts)
  • that I have haters
  • that I have ‘issues’ but no ‘problems’
  • I am thankful that stressors in my life come from outside my immediate.
  • for sunshine beaming through my window on Sunday
  • for the cuddling and love talk my man gives me every single day
  • for love
  • for peace
  • for progression
  • for stability
  • the discovery and development of Liquor
  • for my DVR
  • for my great legs
  • for boots
  • My Momma told me ‘learn how to type and you’ll always be able to find work’
  • that I can’t see any reason for the hubby and I to ever break up
  • that 40 some odd people took the time to come to Vegas for my wedding
  • that I have no remaining debt for said wedding
  •  that I understand my whole Mike thing even if others don’t
  •  that so far I haven’t seen any wrinkles
  • that I was promised money, a good home and friendships in all walks of life when I was little…and I have it.

About Pamela

Lover of MJ, Mother of College Girl, Atlanta living participant of the bigger picture. Always ready for my closeup.

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