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The Ultimate Jumpoff!

Wow! Who would have thought that what is now commonly known as a “Jump Off” would begin to take center stage. The other woman has had it up to here and she’s not taking it anymore, lol  Isn’t she special?!  (add sarcasm).  I was thinking though that as bad as these broads think they are – they all have been trumped by the baddest bitch of all – this bitch got us ALL caught up! Male, Female it doesn’t matter – she has came on the scene and changed the game so that it can never go back to being the way it was, she is fine, she is slick, she is always ready – she has turned some men to mush and most women to Lesbians….

This Bish right Here:

Her and her girlfriend (Black)Berry entered into my relationship(s) and they have never been the same.  (Like cars phones are female to me)  I AM IN LOVE!!  She has got my nose open you hear me?!  She so bad – she got me and my man doing quadsomes. We speak to them before we speak to each other!  We sometimes lay them on top of each other so we can get off watching them, lol  We have to send messages to one another through them even if we are sitting right next to each other.  Everytime we try to get intimate – she all up in the mix. She greedy and a straight skank – she introduces us to other Jump Off’s and can keep a secret like a mofo!  However piss her off and she can turn your world upside down!  She got ALL YOUR SHIT in her cleavage!!  She will tempt you to peek and see what the other Jumpoff is doing with your significant other. I mean hell you got email, facebook, twitter, mysepace, all kinds of shit to put you on FRONT STREET!!! 

The heifer expensive too!  She ain’t no tiger Woods HO! She running me $265/month and I better not be late!  She giving a sista FIVE DAYS or she shutting it down.

When shes’ not around we don’t even know what to damn do anymore. We sit around trying to arouse her, we take her outside, we shake her, we pray over her – we just want her fine ass back in the mix!!

She got me feeling like I need to dress up like a clown with sparklers coming out my behind!!  I feel like such a slut too because I will go play with others, I like way more than one and if I could just get a concubine up in that piece – I would.  My husband got a beat up old bottom bitch but we love her too – she just be flitting around blinking at him – come touch me baby!  come touch my keys!  HEIFER!!

My jumpoff is straight High Class Call Girl – she belong in King Magazine – you see that ass on her?  I just love caressing it, sliding my fingers all over her till she opens up and does whatever I ask….I need some help, she got a sista twisted!!

I just sit back and laugh because as Tiger’s transgression came out over and over again – who was really the baddest Jumpoff?  This Bitch here cause he couldn’t help picking her up and turning her on and when she came – she left messages all over the place!! 



About Pamela

Lover of MJ, Mother of College Girl, Atlanta living participant of the bigger picture. Always ready for my closeup.

One response to “The Ultimate Jumpoff!

  1. annie m. brautigan ⋅

    OMG, that was really good. Pam you truly a great writer and I want more.

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