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The New Season

Facebook might be the best invention to come from this here innernet’s (outside of Google, lol) and Twitter feeds my celebrity whore soul to the fullest – but sometimes I just need room to move around.  That’s why there’s this here Blog.  I have blogged for a little over four years now.  I credit the art of blogging as moving me into a place where I ended up freeing myself from a lot of BS and meeting and marrying the man of my dreams.  I got all this therapy for FREE by just getting it off my chest.  Wonderful thing. 

This is the place when the book and the tweet get too tame.  This is my world exclusively and therefore I get to be more well-rounded over here. Ya’ll know how it is – family, bosses, ex’s etc. all can get in the way in the other spots. 

At first my blogging could be labeled as personal with commentary thrown in – well I have grown to the point where I no longer need to spend so much time just focusing on my self. I’ve widened my view finder and so now I experience broader strokes of the brush with a little bit of me thrown in.

I’ve been told I am a good story telling and commentator and I suppose actress to a certain extent because I relay messages and thoughts well – add a bit more freedom of speech and this should be good, lol  However, please note if you over here just to be nosey – that’s cool too but know, I am pretty open in all facets of the internet medium but for as much as you know – there’s a lot you don’t and won’t.

This is not politically, gramatically, or computer whiz correct – it’s a free flowing spillage from my mind.

So if you on my Facebook – this is an extension, if you are from my former blogging you know the deal, if you are new to it all – WELCOME.


About Pamela

Lover of MJ, Mother of College Girl, Atlanta living participant of the bigger picture. Always ready for my closeup.

One response to “The New Season

  1. Just BN Me ⋅

    Well, well, well…FINALLY! Ya know I just love to hear the utterances from the confines of the cerebral world of Pam!

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