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My head so full my neck might snap

I live in Atlanta, today is November 4th – IT IS NOT SUMMER!  Please put your summer shit away!!  I’m tired of seeing you shiver and of looking at your begging for socks ashy feet. Now is the time to go and get you a nice brown or beight toe color and retire those bad boys until Spring!  Unless you are 9 months pregnant and about to burst into flames – the tank tops should be UNDER your good sweater to keep from itching to death!!  Relax, Rejoice in letting a bit of fuzz grow on your legs, the beginning of Timberland season and sexy skullys on the Brothers, fly fly boots etc.  PUT YOUR SUMMER STUFF UP!!

I, too am wondering why Oprah grinning all up in BeBe’s face and not giving Chris the time of day.

Giving Chris Brown a bag of oranges to pummel me with because negro is PHYNE!!!

Nip/Tuck has kept my mouth on the floor all season and we are on episode FOUR!

I wish my life were a giant poster so I can just rip it to shreds

I wish my life were a giant coloring book so I can color outside the lines

Am I the only one a bit frightened at what the Soul Train awards are going to look and sound like?

Beverly Jenkins’s book Capture had me flipping around the house!!  That woman can write!!

Why haven’t I won the lottery yet?

Facebook is having growing pains and it is paining me!

Why can’t I find a cool Michael Jackson youth shirt?

I am looking forward to sitting 2 inches from the TV, surrounded by all my Mike stuff semi-nude – just me and him

I can’t believe my 3rd year anniversary is approaching with us being together 4 years.

I also can’t believe that means I haven’t been to Vegas in three years, lol

I see another trip to Orlando in my future – I have to go and be a Princess…FINALLY!!

Having a Michael Jackson memorbilia list is okay right?

How am I going to take pictures next Tuesday morning with these two craters on my face!?


About Pamela

Lover of MJ, Mother of College Girl, Atlanta living participant of the bigger picture. Always ready for my closeup.

One response to “My head so full my neck might snap

  1. Rosalind

    Put toothpaste on the craters to dry them up. If that doesn’t work and you have to squeeze them, immediately follow up with a dab of alcohol and a little Neosporin (generic antibiotic ointment will work too). The antibiotic will help healing and prevent a dark mark or scar from forming after you squeeze. This works, I swear!!

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