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Another Unfertilized Egg = Another trip on the Emotion Train

Good grief!  I swear that back in the day, my cycle just came on, no drama no drama.  Now I can identify 4 different rides that I will go on.  I can’t predict which ride it will be each month, but they are coming

(1) Nothing –  just be biological and get to stepping;

(2)Weepy Whiny – Anything has me crying and I just wanna whine (more than I usually do)

(3)Gimmie a B – whew whoa, I am sooo sorry, here let me put your head back on your shoulders.  Oh  thanks, I appreciate you giving me back my foot out your ass

(4)Is it dark and gloomy enough for you – Whoa is me, my bed is calling, I can barely move, the bright light is killing me.

Now there could be pieces of all of these or just one straight ride. I hate this one the most. I started out with a Weepy Whiny and now I’m into the dark and gloomy.  It is just so tiring, at least if I’m a bitch, I might passively/aggressively get something off my chest, lol  This right here is a spiral inside my own mind and that can be something crazy.

I don’t even think I have any eggs left, lol  I haven’t been pregnant but that one time and that took 3 years to accomplish.  I’ve only had one genuine scare and that’s just becuase I took myself there – so I really don’t think I can have anymore babies – but I sure can have one hell of  a mood swing!


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Lover of MJ, Mother of College Girl, Atlanta living participant of the bigger picture. Always ready for my closeup.

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