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This Is It Gave Me Peace

I went to see it today at noon – took off from work.  Dressed in my Mike Shirt, black high water pants, white socks and loafers – I was the only one giving him the proper wardrobe for such an event. There were only about 15 of us in the whole theatre!  SIGH Atlanta can be WACK at times.

The anticipation just about killed me!  When the lights finally went down and the words began popping up on screen – I just held my breathe – the second they showed him the tears started to fall. Yes I cried the first maybe 10 minutes but then something else happened….

A level of peace came over me that was wonderful.  The more and more I watched there was no need to cry – Michael was just as I had imagined he would be and NOT how people were trying to say he was. He was in good health, he was lucid, he was on point and he had not aged in terms of his Musical/Dance ability at all.

I LOVED to be able to see him in his element. We always got to see him in the moment – but this is where his element was.  He was a beautiful person!!

My favorite parts were kinda abstract because I have love for him so I wasn’t looking at ooh wow he is singing Billie Jean (though that’s a fabulous part of the show) – I LOVED his rehearsal outfits the best.  I kept laughing at how I envisioned him getting up and that’s what he chose to put on, lol lol lol

He was involved in every aspect of that show. He knew what he wanted, what he was doing and NOBODY was pushing him around.

He looked good.  Now yes this footage was edited but I never saw him looking weak or spaced out or anyone looking like Leroy the pill pusher constantly by his side. So they can squash it!

When I say he danced with those young people with a vigor – PLEASE BELIEVE ME.  I was thinking about how Janet wore knee pads and she couldn’t quite get off the floor as quick during the MTV Tribute performance to the point they edited it out and showed a different camera angle – where as Mike was ON FIRE!!!  He kept up and he LED them.


If he had of been able to bring this to fuition – it would have changed the entire live performance spectrum for all entertainers.  This show was going to be OFF THA CHAIN!!!!!!

I came out into the sunshine and just had to smile – Michael was the person who I thought he was and I know that he is at peace irregardless of the hell he might have been in on earth.  This film brings his peace to the audience and though I feel there are some more troubling moments ahead as we try to put our grief on the back burner instead of right at the top of our list – I am at peace with how he has spent time in my  life. 


Oh and I really wanted to find Dr. Conrad and put my foot up his……….QUACK!

P.S. There is a preview of the Jacksons Reality Show coming on A&E supposedly in December. Can’t wait for that either!  I LOVE THEM ALL!!!!!


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