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I’m the mother of a 16 year old…..

Baby Sakinah AWow on that!  I am really feeling emotional (not to tears but you know) about my baby turning 16. It’s always been this ‘space’ really far off but now it’s here. All those things that I said would happen at 16 are here NOW!  She my only baby and in a few years I have to let her go off in the world to see can she make it on her own.  Yea that’s a trip.  I keep thinking one day she gonna fall in love, she gonna come to me and say she wanna get married – wow.  One day she gonna call me from overseas to tell me what she’s doing (cause I see travel).  One day I’mm run across a picture of her having a drink.

I was just sitting here thinking for 13 of her 16 years it was she and I and no opportunity at all for father involvement cause he was dead.  I remember sitting and strategizing about the type of life I wanted and how to make that happen for her.  Getting on welfare so that along with the insurance I was able to stay home till she went to PreK.  Moving us down here.  Being blessed to have the particular type of skill that I could work regular work hours monday-friday – that was huge, I see so many moms having to work the night shift etc. etc.  I was home with her every night.  Building an entire world online so that I could stay close to the Brothers and what not and keep the babysitting cost to a minimum.  We took trips, she did all the classes I wanted her to do, I worked extra hard to keep the family in her life etc. etc.

It has been an interesting ride. Some things she’s taken to seriously and I really need her to lightened up, lol  but overall she’s actually listened and seen by my example how to be.  She’s getting her life skills while remaining spoiled as hell.  I see some areas where I failed (like Religion) but others where I succeeded.  I am glad I stuck to the whole right of passage stuff because now she sees how she feels with the new things that have opened up to her like this morning she pounced out with her little eye make up on etc.  Alot of stuff we learned together – like you and DeAsia. 
You know it’s funny but I take time to focus on how I’ve raised myself during this time period.  I’m in a somewhat good space, you know I gotta work on that passion and aspiration and drive thing but otherwise – I’m maneuvering through my family pretty good, my relationship with my mom is great and for real after so many years, Dating finally turned into a successful marriage – it’s all good – it’s all good. 
The only thing that keeps me sane is that she is gonna get on my nerves and snap me back to reality, lol

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One response to “I’m the mother of a 16 year old…..

  1. Rosalind

    Happy Sweet Sixteen, Sakinah!

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