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Memories and what not


When I tell you that there is not more than 48 hours that goes by give or take where there is not some family drama please believe me!  We got reruns, syndication, spin offs and the whole nine.  Why watch TV?! Dayum!

If you want to be known and seen you have to promote yourself. That goes for everything. I promote my daughter so that she stays on your minds and you think you know her even if you don’t,lol  So you know her special days etc. and what not.  Make me know yours……

At some point just admit you ain’t really got it together – it will make you and everyone else feel better.

Um the whole I’m a turtle thing is BS – but that’s what you say.

Are my eyes deceiving me?  Is GAS GOING UP?!  Opps HAS GAS GONE UP!?

I think I’m mad nobody is saying they wanted to smash me in HS – they only discuss how my mom had her foot in my neck.

I’m wanting a law suit because those fleas totally ruined my legs.  I didn’t have scars NOW I DO!!!!

I wonder what lies on the other side of HS if I ever fully graduate?  I’m scared to know.

Hmmm I got married late so it still shocks me how many folks I know are on the tail end of their marriages. 


All my shoes are too big. Not sure what that’s about but I really need to get a couple pairs of non sneakers that fit dang!

Why do I want to dress like I live in Old Navy and the Gap recently – SIGH my own midlife crisis, lol

My current issue with the cheap weave:  they all look the same.  Nobody is giving anymore than what’s necessary.  I gotta get my money together for a higher priced weave so I can get something else.

The daughter said she’s holding on to the minute bit of Ethopian Blood flowing through her with all her mite..SIGH.  I have raised a child who is NOT IMPRESSED with the American Negro – I’mma need to expound on this one.

I need to interview me a friend on my side of town with no small children so we can roll out.

I promise to never drink and drive again but the Sex on the Beaches were SOOOOO GOOD!

I’m the mother of a 16 year old – wow I actually kept her alive.

Is it wrong to think that children should give their parents thank you cards on the childs birthday – hey there are all kinds of options and decisons if you were kept and somebody took any time to raise you – then you might wanna throw a thank you their way – cause it’s obvious that all of that is NOT a given, lol

I have got to remember a wider birthday scope – I’m just bad with it.

Exactly why must I always be the one to be the ‘bigger person’ WTF?!  I wanna just be an ass

It must be real tiring faking the funk like you do – I mean wow.

I am scared it’s gonna actually hurt when I finally fall out from exhaustion

I am adjusting to the smaller space – the hubby is struggling – I’mma have to purge for him and he’s NOT going to like it.

What exactly am I going to do for my Anniversary?  THREE YEARS WOW!

Ever look at a man and yes he’s attractive but you also know that you won’t have any way near the level of fun that you have with your husband so you keep it stepping. 

How come folks won’t let Al B Sure! Be great?!  That wasn’t a bad CD he just put out.

Are you as scared as I am of  the returning Soul Train Awards?


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Lover of MJ, Mother of College Girl, Atlanta living participant of the bigger picture. Always ready for my closeup.

One response to “Memories and what not

  1. Rosalind

    I could use some rolling out. I need to learn to lighten up. It’s not too late (crossing fingers and toes). I’m up here by Northside Hospital. I don’t drink (too many meds), and have a perfect driving record, so if you get blasted there will be no worries. 🙂

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