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Getting My Metropolitian On

I woke up this morning and felt that I had finally made peace with my Apartment.  Ya’ll just don’t know – we started off Rocky.  I was at peace with the fact we had decided to move to (1) be closer to the daughters school and (2) to save a few duckets.  (Us renters have that option).  The thing was it seemed as if the Apt and I were at odds. When I tell ya’ll I couldn’t sleep, I kept tripping and falling and was attacked by fleas that have left permanent marks on my once semi-unscarred legs – I felt like we were in battle.  Well it seems as if we’ve made an agreement or something because I slept like a baby last evening. Didn’t even hear the Husband get dressed for work and the Daughter had to come wake me.  Ahhh I hope this keeps up.

We now live in a neighborhood that I used to work in.  I have always loved the area, but now living there I am blown away with how Metro the whole space is. I am close to Downtown, Lenox, so many restaurants and other little shops etc.  I am loving tooling around now and I’m still close enough to my old Neighborhood to visit there quite frequently.

I’ve become so enarmoured that I have actually gotten on the Train.  I am creeping back into my NY frame of mind.  I lived in Manhattan for about 10 years at the start of my ‘adult’ life.  That’s why I didn’t even learn to drive until I was like 28, lol  No need to.  Now MARTA is NOT the NY Transit System believe you me but it will do.

I am working on setting my ‘train’ clock so that I can just feel comfortable that I will automatically start to know when it’s my time to get off  the train. I also need to stop getting my dance going on the platform.

Last night we ordered chinese that was DELIVERED to our home.  Let me just say I am now convinced after tasting this food that we have ben enjoying some ‘other’ kinda meat at what USED to be my favorite place by the old house.  You talking about some good LIGHT Chinese Food!  Yea It was good.  Really good. 

I am definitely feeling my new digs!


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Lover of MJ, Mother of College Girl, Atlanta living participant of the bigger picture. Always ready for my closeup.

One response to “Getting My Metropolitian On

  1. DRAMA

    Glad to hear you and the APT have made peace. Now can I move in because I need that in my life… PEACE!

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