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This Is It

the casketOn June 25th my life changed FOREVER!  All I remember is collapsing on the floor in hysterical sobs as the newsman confirmed the day I never saw coming – the death of Michael Joseph Jackson.  Ever since that day a part of me that was subdued has come forth and become an active part of my life.  Funny to see that teenager again – it’s been awhile, lol  She has come back with a vengence except my main being is now 42 years old and a spoilsport, lol  She does a good job of keeping the teenager under control, yet giving her enough room to be. 

Since his passing, I have grieved almost every day.  First of all my birthday month will forever be changed (sigh) and second I really loved the man and his music and his art.

I have gathered up everything I had accumulated over the years into one central location and I am slowly adding to my collection.  There is this feeling of back and forth because I am mourning the loss, YET so overjoyed with the resurgence of his greatness in the mainstream.  I pour almost weekly over all the things being sold, being traded, being found by people.  I have a list of things that I’d like to add.  It’s not alot but enough for me.

I joined the official Michael Jackson website forum and take great solace in interacting with others who are sincere about their fan duties.  For alot of people life has gone on – even folks who claim they are die hard fans – but I am still entrenched.  I had my ringtones, ringbacks, calendars etc. WHILE HE WAS ALIVE and I dealt and touched them on the weekly if not daily – so this is not something I pick up when need be – I have been living it all along.

The other day I got distraught over the fact that I’m going to get distraught when I go see this movie.  In my old age, I’ve become a bit emotional about mines and so I already know this is going to be heavy for me.  I need to see it at least 3 times in order to move along the process to the point where I can enjoy it, lol

I will be going the 28th at Noon and surprising my girlfriends by joining them on the 29th.  I have enough shirts to go several times in different outfits, lol

When I get home I’m going to take a picture of my current collection and post it.  Any other Mike Fans out there?


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